do I really have to wait till the 14day trial to be up??

  • Hi I just started the free trial but I also put my debit card info so I can pay for the $60 annual plan. Is their anyway I can skip the free trial and go right into the payment. I want to watch the premium shows that subscribers are allowed to watch like the simulDubs, but I can’t since I haven’t been charged for the $60. Please contact me as soon as possible. It’s really annoying that I have to go through the 14day trial before I can become a official subscriber. Please take my money so I dnt have to wait. Someone help

  • Theoretically, if you're still in the free trial period, you should be able to watch the simuldubs. If you're unable to, please send in a ticket to and let the tech team know about your issue. I'll also try to reach out to them on Twitter on your behalf and see if we can get to the bottom of things.

    Please be aware, however, that this is the holiday weekend, so they might be shut down for the next few days.

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