Recently added section is out of date

  • What up with the recently added section on the roku stick it shows old shows nothing new is it mine only or is everyone having this problem

  • It's not just Roku it's Android TV and Playstation also the listings that were by recent date are now just random and change every day

  • I'm also having the exact same issue on the PS4 app.

    I've let the techs at @FunimationHelp know, but if you all could send in a ticket at and describe the issue in detail, that would help things out immensely.

  • @SpacemanHardy was the PS4 app fixed (issue was app crashed or locked up when trying to use the app to play an episode)

  • Ive got the same problem on my ps4. Already send in the ticket and they said they are aware of the problem and are looking into how to fix it

  • @SpacemanHardy I have sent two ticket requests and NOTHING problem still there and no confirmation from support

  • @CBinDC Technical support has probably been off for the past few days due to the holiday. I'll check with the staff on your behalf to see if there are any updates to the situation.

  • @CBinDC said in Recently added section:

    It's not just Roku it's Android TV and Playstation also the listings that were by recent date are now just random and change every day

    Add Xbox One to that list too

  • @Clifton74 I guess the question would be is there anyone who is NOT experiencing this issue maybe the web site and PC apps I don't use the phone apps but every streaming device is effected and it's a real pain

  • Going on 11 days and still not working right on PS4?

  • @fatman123

    I've brought it to the attention of our tech team. It's a known bug we're addressing!

    Stay tuned.

  • This is a feed issue, so all apps and the site are affected. The good news is, though, that once fixed, it will be fixed for all.

  • The SimulDub section is still in correct order by release date/time, and the schedule will tell you other releases that aren't necessarily SimulDubs but are still newly released on Funimation.

    It's not as convenient as the master list being able to be sorted by date, but at least it'll ensure you don't miss what you want to catch on a certain day while they work to fix the problem.

  • This really needs to be fixed soon since the new SimulDub season is about to start. I already knew my weekly schedule for the Fall season when the problem started, and I imagine a lot of other viewers were similar.

    I rely on the recently added feed on my Roku's to know when new SimulDubs or new uncut versions are available to watch. I missed the release of some new uncut versions, like Yamada-kun, when they happened because the feed was not working. It might be different if Funi had been smart enough to include a schedule feed on the Roku app, but they did not. A lot of Roku and other app users do not visit the website very often, and so do not see the schedule posted there.

    If the feed does not get fixed I will probably end up not trying out shows I would have otherwise. If the same thing happens for enough people, it will hurt Funi's streaming numbers and eventual disk sales as well. If I never try a show out because of the feed problem, there is no way I am going to buy the show when the disks are released. This problem is not just about providing good service to your subscribers, it will negatively impact your bottom line if it is not fixed soon.

  • @quertermous I concur on everything you said and I am disappointed that a usability issue this wide spread has not been fixed by now ...I now have to remember which shows outside of the SimilDubs have updates coming or have been updated

  • It has been 2 weeks since that last admin update, any news on when this will be fixed?

  • The bug has been assigned to a developer to be fixed. I have asked for a progress update.

    Re: 14974

  • Update! The developers have found the cause. The code is fine. The video start dates just need to be re-indexed.

  • @Sophie said in Recently added section is out of date:

    Update! The developers have found the cause. The code is fine. The video start dates just need to be re-indexed.

    Really? It took a whole a month just to come to that conclusion? How long will it take them to "re-index" everything, two months? I really don't think something like having a list of things coming up in a order by date should take a high tech computer wizard to fix. If anything most of that type of stuff on apps is controlled by a setting. If anything I'm betting whoever was updating/messing with things last accidentally unchecked a box or switched a setting with the dates and apparently no one has noticed or doesn't know where to go to change it back <_<

  • Nah, probably like 1-2 days for the test environment considering the amount of data. Then the fix will get scheduled to be deployed to Production. Then it will be another 1-2 days for Production to be re-indexed.

    There was a bug causing bad video latest start date data to appear in the Show index. Rather than perform that calculation each time, the latest video is indexed with each Show as each video launches.

    The video avail start date data is still fine. This is why the New Releases page still lists the correct videos while the All Shows list when sorted by Recently Added is incorrect.

    The code that performs the sort for each of the apps had not changed. The issue has occurred because the data was bad due to the bug. The fix for the bug has been pushed to our test environment already.

    Once the test environment has been re-indexed and the bug has been verified there, the fix can be scheduled with the next Production deploy and then the Shows data can be re-indexed. We do Production deploys every 3 weeks or so depending on what is in the sprint, but sometimes one-off fixes can be pushed earlier.

    I'll post as I see updates come in.

  • With the exception that Negima is the 1st thing on the list, (on every page) It appears to be fixed on the Roku

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