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  • There has been an expressed interest in several threads I've posted to about wanting to learn Japanese. Just last week, the idea of doing brief lessons was proposed. I gave serious thought to this, and think I would like to do something like this to at least give the members here enough information to get the basics (or pursue further if they decide).

    Anyway, I'm concerned that if I were to start a thread for the topic it would likely get buried between the weekly postings/lessons I would be able to make. Initially, most forum members wouldn't have enough information to really be able to discuss the language in depth to create a highly active topic, and I suspect that a lot of members wouldn't be actively interested in learning the language anyway. This is a dub site, and my impression is that most viewers are willing to accept the subbed/dubbed translations.

    I initially thought about requesting that the post be pinned. However, because I don't really expect an exceptionally high level of traffic to the thread (I could always be wrong and EVERYBODY actually wants to learn the language) it would seem kind of redundant to clutter the forum.

    As a result, I'm curious if there is a way to actually have a feature in the forums to allow users to have a personalized listing of "Favorite threads" or "Following" which would allow quick access for topics which they may have a personalized interest in. Rather than have it clutter the main forum pages, or work like a sorted feature, I think it would be best to have this as part of the user account/profile area. If a user adds a thread to their settings, a simple click (from within their account) will bring up the listing and allow them to quickly view the thread.

    There is also a more generalized advantage to this feature in regards to forum clutter. If there is a discussion of "When is the next Dragonball/One Piece/ Fairy Tail release" it won't have to be posted in a half a dozen currently active threads as tends to be the case with long running series. A user interested in following those discussions simply has to add the thread and everyone wanting to keep up to date on a topic which may be months between new information becoming available can keep up to date with the collective consciousness obviously being overwhelmingly excited to add a new post immediately when the store threads post.

    In order to make this even more useful, possibly link it to the members personal notifications "notified when this thread updates". This would prevent users which only check the forum occasionally from having to check several threads of interest. While there is already the "unread" option, this appears to drop threads from the users list after three days of inactivity on the specific thread, and would therefore leave anyone simply checking for an update once a week, or month, searching through the forum for one of those half a dozen threads related to "Is a home release of "anime x" going to be available in four months" as the store list updates.

    All of this is obviously potentially limited by the ability of the bbs used for the forum, but does seem like it would be a useful feature for the users, limit clutter on the forum, and help Funimation directly by allowing followers to make use of crowd based marketing as word of mouth will inevitably announce that it's time to pre-order that copy of "anime x" which just posted in the store.

  • Hello once again Pleco Breeder,

    I know when i am following a thread of particular interest on Symantec's Community Forum, i can set it such that i will receive an e-mail when someone has added more information.


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