What happened to kabaneri of the iron fortress

  • @sophie What happened to this show? Last night I invited a friend over to watch the first 2 episodes and when we went to watch the show it's gone from the app on PS4 and I just looked on this site and it no longer is showing episodes to watch??

  • Was it initially available? Doesn't Amazon have the streaming rights?

    This post from Crunchyroll seems to indicate that it was posted for streaming by mistake, Funimation doesn't have streaming rights.


  • Funimation confirmed that it was added in error. As of right now, Funimation only has home video rights to Kabaneri.

  • What!? So we aren't getting the rest of the episodes uploaded later in the month?

  • @whitevenum Doesn't seem that way. :\

  • Well that sucks. I was excited when I saw them on the site.

  • This does suck if I had not already watched the first 2 episodes I would be ignoring this series completely as it does not seem like the type of show I would like. However I was presently surprised with how good it was and will definitely pick up a physical copy. Still I like to watch the entire show before deciding on whether or not to purchase. I mean I would of bought taboo tattoo had I only seen the first two episodes so hopefully this stays good throughout.

  • Guess I'll have to watch it "somewhere else" . Thanks for getting our hopes up . What happened to releasing when blurays come out ? Now way I'm going to purchase a series sight unseen .

  • @sirbiscuit said in What happened to kabaneri of the iron fortress:

    What happened to releasing when blurays come out ? Now way I'm going to purchase a series sight unseen .

    It doesn't always happen. Seven Deadly Sins isn't streaming for example. Like that was due to Netflix having exclusive streaming rights this is due to Amazon having exclusive streaming rights so there's really nothing Funimation can do.

  • It's unfortunate and Amazon only has it available subtitled (I logged in and tried to get the dubbed version). At least FunimationNow is remaining competitively priced for the time being. They also seem to be trying to bring us dubbed content as soon as possible, keeping pace with Hulu/Crunchy's simulcast.

    I've been a huge Funi proponent, but if content begins to slack or I'm forced to purchase Anime outright for their dubs, I don't think maintaining my subscription will be necessary.

    I'm not going to cancel over one show, but when you have Netflix bringing tons of original new anime, Hulu and Crunchyroll keeping up with the latest simulcasts, then you know it's definitely a competitive time.

    I keep hoping my efforts to net them more subscribers will mean bringing in more content to their streaming service; aside from lacking original content, a few missed opportunities like Iron Fortress, then I suppose my biggest complaint for their service is the resolution/stream quality.

    I will always be a loyal Funimation supporter, but their streaming service/app/quality is much harder to advocate. I'd say as much as 50% of the dubbed anime I watch/have watched on their service can be found on Hulu - the saving grace being new dubbed simulcast.

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