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    It seems that, IE 11 in Windows 10 (Version 11.125.16299.0) will NOT work with the FUNimation Website. Will not allow me to log in, further, free trailers cannot be played. However, FUNimation seems to work decently in the Edge Browser included in Win 10 - - go figure. Perhaps this can be worked on? There is much to be desired of the organization in Edge…

    Other findings: if you happened to upgrade to Malwarebytes’ Version 3.3.1 seems as though that will interfere with the FUNimation Website if you are running it through Chrome on XP Professional. When you have engaged the option that states, “Web Protection: Prevents connections to malicious or compromised Websites”, the FUNimation Website will NOT load. It infinitely hangs, which could indicate that Malwarebytes’ is perceiving as a “malicious” OR “compromised” Website. Once i deselected that option, the FUNimation Website WILL load, however, you can forget about trying to launch new windows in Chrome. Probably too much resource consumption. Here is a screenshot of the option i am talking about in Malwarebytes’:

    0_1513330205520_Malwarebytes 3.3.1 discovery.jpg

    I figured that the new version of Malwarebytes’ might also be interfering with running through IE 11 in Win 10. However, even going as far as a complete un-install of the program still showed NO improvement of IE 11’s functionality with respect to I tried adjusting settings that i did when problems persisted in my Inori Version of IE on my former Win 7 PC. Such as, but not necessarily limited to, clearing all caches, setting every cookie to accepted etc to no avail. Could it be the case that the IE 11 version included in Win 10 is just flatly incompatible with


  • Reading you it was as if Microsoft decided to maintain two web browsers at the same time (which would probably not be a good business strategy), so I checked on Wikipedia and found this:

    Microsoft Edge, officially unveiled on January 21, 2015, has replaced Internet Explorer as the default browser on Windows 10. Internet Explorer is still installed in Windows 10 in order to maintain compatibility with older websites and intranet sites that require ActiveX and other Microsoft legacy web technologies.

    According to Microsoft, development of new features for Internet Explorer has ceased. However, it will continue to be maintained as part of the support policy for the versions of Windows with which it is included.

    I think this explains why they didn't bother testing Funimation on IE11, as we are supposed to be using Edge now.

    Edge Wiki
    IE Wiki

  • We technically are supposed to be supporting IE11. I'll speak with the rest of the Tech Team. Thank you very much for reporting.

  • Hello Krock and Sophie,

    I mean, if it's going to be too much hassle, i wouldn't worry about it. I'm a creature of habit, but, if it's going to be Edge, i'll have to utilize the new platform.


  • Okay. In some more testing, i can log in to my Crunchy Roll premium account utilizing IE 11. FUNimation still will not work, might just be germane to

  • Recently, i ran the debugger in IE 11 on the FUNimation login page located at: and, it revealed two [2] critical exceptions which i’m speculating might be the cause of why login from IE 11 version 11.192.16299.0 (in Win 10) is currently, not possible.

    0_1516875453537_First Screen.jpg

    The first exception: 1014 (invalid character) arises when i am attempting to input my password which has a special character (as required by FUNimation). The full error path for the second exception is:
    Line: 42
    Error: [$injector:modulerr]$injector/modulerr?p0=funimationApp&p1=[%24injector%3Anomod]
    Microsoft recommends the following knowledgebase articles to ameliorate these conditions:

    When i noticed this login problem in IE 11 about a month or so ago, at that point, the FUNimation system would at least generate a generic message that “login attempt failed” (or something to that effect) now, you can input your credentials, however, it will not reveal anything - - and, you are still not logged in!
    Additionally, viewing in IE 11, on the Homepage, i have noticed that the “feed” towards the bottom does not load:

    0_1516875803721_Second Screen.JPG

    Areas circled in red are oddities. When i ran the debugger in this area it revealed:

    0_1516875921856_Third Screen.jpg

    Microsoft recommends this resource correspondingly:

    Moreover, on the homepage, your current "watched" will not load either utilizing IE 11. I recently watched Fuuka, and, did not see it along with other shows i've recently seen. Overall, looks like no end in sight of problems for those employing IE 11 on Win 10 for viewing FUNimation. The odd thing is, when i was viewing FUNimation through the Inori Browser (which i believe was a version of IE 11) on my defunct Win 7 system, i did not have all the aforementioned problems. At that time, the chief complaint was the unsynchronization.

    Some more findings: Even in Edge, tonight, i noticed the unsynchronization, where, i was logged in to see my account, yet, could not post to the forums. To remedy this, i used the old trick of clearing every known cache in Win 10, and, re-logging in from the main page and that seemed to work. I notice that Google Chrome on my XP Professional system, is better at handling this unsynchronization. I did not have to clear every known cache in that instance, i think i just re-attempted the login from the main page, and, eventually, it was magically fine. Login situations continue to be the bane of existence with respect to as of 1/24/18. You would imagine, that something as basic as logging into a Website would not bring about so much hair-pulling, then again, login failures also happened to me with the Anthem insurance website some time back, so, i guess you can't take anything for granted. Interesting to note, i can login flawlessly to my CrunchyRoll Premium Account utilizing IE 11 (Windows 10 version). Perhaps FUNimation should seek to implement their login system?


  • I hate to add to the proverbial "pile", but, i'm also noticing that when i visit from my Vita, it will no longer allow me to log in... It doesn't even prompt with an error code, i enter my credentials - - and nothing happens.

  • In further looking into this, i was (apparently) still logged into the forums on the Vita, but, could not access my video queue, the site was prompting to log in again. I signed out from the forum interface thinking that might help and also cleared cookies etc. on the Vita, however, after all that, STILL no improvement... Thinking to self, "Probably should have stayed logged in, now, i have nothing (laughs)"


    PS- I'm wondering, could the FUNimation system potentially be restricting my access because it sees i'm logging in from multiple computers and my Vita?

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