Should allow a type of downloading box to help with offline watching.

  • Should allow a type of downloading box to help with offline watching for customers. A downloading box for Funimation, in other words, once your payment ends, so does your offline downloads. This should solve the problem for both the Funimation's teams and your customers who has low signal and help solve the buffering issues for those who have very little of times and etc... This should be a major help to both parties involves. Also, in order to help prevent piracy during offline, (know that there are those who doesn't care for piracy and simply want to enjoy themselves and their shows) I would allow at least a day of offline before the downloading box decides to stop the flow of the download videos. I truly hope you would consider this.

    *If you care to read this, know that some of my friends and theirs had quit Funimation because of the buffering issues. Not only that, some had said that their show had frozen and can't seem to get out of it, no matter how many time they restarted. I do hope you and the Funimation teams will consider this possibility.


  • We are planning on launching this feature in the future.

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