Option to Force Chosen Video Quality

  • In my experience here so far is that when I am trying to watch anime at 720p or 1080p it often drops to lower qualities. Sometimes when I am watching an episode, 80% of the time it is showing at a lower quality. This is annoying because lower qualities are pixelated and blurry.

    The cause of this may be because I live in Australia and our speeds are not great on a global scale. That being said I can still watch 720p on other sites like Youtube, Hidive and Crunchyroll smoothly with no buffering.

    My suggestion is some sort of setting to allow users to force the chosen video quality they choose. This setting could be checked or unchecked. So for people that want it, they can choose it and for people that don't want it, they don't have to do anything.

    Thank you for reading.

  • Thank you very much for the suggestion. Could you please post your download speed, so that we know what to request to be built and what to test against if this feature is implemented?

  • @Sophie
    No problem! Well, it depends on the site, but on "good sites" I can average 600 - 700 kbs.

    I also did a few speed tests (it might be helpful): https://i.imgur.com/ccT1II3.jpg

  • Perfect! Thank you very much.

  • I'm also on board with this suggestion, I want the best quality possible, even if I'm to suffer a bit of buffering.

    It's made an even bigger deal as the Funimation player seems to tank quality far harder than it should.

  • @Sophie Hi Sophie, I was just wondering if my suggestion has been considered or not? I want to start watching so badly haha.

  • @animerapper It is being considered, but has not yet been implemented.

  • I apologize for the necro but wanted to know any updates regarding this issue. I am watching in 1080p and I am having the same problem as the OP. I don't know what cause the video to change qualities but shouldn't it be locked onto 1080p no matter what if I select 1080p as default instead of auto? Also, I've uploaded my download speed.

    Thank you.