QotW 12/12: What is your favorite anime or manga spin-off series?

  • Hi guys! I'll try to post a question each week for you guys, but let's start with a goodie!

    Question of the Week: What is your favorite anime or manga spin-off series?


  • I always have trouble picking favorites. I do love the Fate/Stay Night universe though.

    I guess Fate/Stay Night is kind of a spinoff of Tsukihime, so it should be called the Nasuverse.

  • My Hero Academia Vigilantes is really great and goes into things the original doesn't like Stain's past and other stuff. Plus the main trio is absolutely fantastic.

    I also really like the LN called Seraph of the end Guren Ichinose catastrophe at sixteen. Seeing the world before the fall is really cool and an awesome parallel too the manga as it makes you realize things sooner. The Seraph world is screwed up people.

    Hopefully both of these will get an adaptation some day.

  • @GoldCrusader Didn't even know this existed!

    I learned a thing today.

  • I think I'd go with The Melancholy of Haruhi-chan Suzumiya and Nyoron Churuya-san. It was a very satisfying supplement for the Haruhi gang, with some genuinely good comedy. I think I've watched it about 3 times.

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