Lower Video Quality Option

  • I live in a rural area with ADSL of about 3Mbps (down) / 0.3Mbps (up) and the low quality option in the video player isn't low enough. I think it is trying to do 360p image quality, but the video stream eats up all of my bandwidth. I need a video quality option that is lower than 360p or something that streams around 1Mbps.

    Currently the only way that I can use the app from (mobile, xbox, PC, or the website video player), is if I set a QoS bandwidth limiter in my router to 1Mbps (down), so I don't hog all of the bandwidth in the house. The video player auto adjusts to stream at 1 Mbps, which is very nice, and I am perfectly fine with the image quality that this results in, Although, I think that the video player itself should have lower quality streaming options for people that live in rural areas such as myself.

  • @aholling144 Thank you for the feedback. I will be happy to pass this along for you. What would be an acceptable lower image quality option - 240p?

  • @Sophie 144p and 240p. I use both options with other video players. Thank you.

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