Taboo Tattoo Discussion (Spoilers)

  • I usually only like to discuss shows that I enjoyed but I feel so salty after finishing the series I felt like making a post. After watching the first couple episodes I thought I was going to be in for a fun (albeit goofy) action packed ride. However as time went on I realized how poorly mistaken I was. Firstly most action scenes got interrupted by some horrible comedy bit that never seemed to hit the strike zone and completely ruin any tension that was building up. Second the MC was just plain awful I thought at one point he would eventually stop being useless but that was just a pipe dream. Third was I supposed to care about any of the side characters? I mean when they killed them off I felt like they wanted me to care but they had no depth and many seemed to be introduced just to be killed off. Not to mention most of the death scenes just seemed comical to me. Even the best friend who I am assuming was supposed to be a dramatic death was just ridiculous. Why did the US military even allow her to be there? Why was she running across a battlefield smiling and calling to her friend like it was a Sunday at the park? And what the hell was up with that awful final fight scene? I guess they had no budget left? While there certainly a lot more wrong with the show I see no reason to keep beating this dead horse.

    Sorry for such a long salty post but I haven't been this disappointed in a show in a while. I probably would of liked it better if the princess was the MC she was the only character I actually liked.

  • I agree with you. It started very well I enjoyed the first few episodes but it seem to go down hill fast after that...and the final battle scene I guess I missed something cause I don't get why the were the monster things and really don't want to go rewatch to figure it out.

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