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  • Every season has to come to an end. Tonight, I broke away from a borrowed copy of "To-Love-Ru" (I've never watched it) to watch my usual Saturday night shows without realizing that it was already that time. First up, after watching the Toonami airing of "Black Clover", was "Recovery of an MMO Junkie". At the time, I didn't realize that the show was only 10 episodes, so i caught myself saying "please, no" as the final segment began indicating that the show was over. I didn't even have a chance to mentally prepare myself for this one.

    For some reason, especially this year, I've come to realize that there is a connection to the characters which develops over the course of a season. Especially with anime (where series are either definitively completed or left hanging to never receive proper closure), the end of these seasons is a bit stressful as goodbyes happen with memories of unforgettable lines or scenes.

    This year, I actually learned what a difference real character development can make. Connections have been there in the past, but one specific series (which I was HIGHLY skeptical of at the beginning of the season because of the far-fetched nature of the series) did it better than any other I've seen. I haven't watched the dub, and read a lot of criticism of it, but the original Japanese of "Interviews with Monster Girls" was nothing less than epic in this regard. Watching the final episode of the season (hoping for another is why I didn't say series) was like saying goodbye to an old friend.

    Watching the last episode of "Fuuka", and already knowing the story line from the manga, was excruciating because of the connection to the characters. It's the only instance I know of that I was actually happy that the anime didn't follow the source. It was still close enough (only a single VERY IMPORTANT scene changed) that it was difficult to watch. Regardless, the end of the series was still a sad goodbye.

    "Sakura Quest" gave the same feel, but can't manage to say anything about it without giving spoilers. I've tried typing it out a couple times without much luck. Suffice to say, strong connection to the characters, and will be missed.

    Although it's not the same kind of connection I'm talking about, the only series prior to this year which actually managed to make me "sad" during the last episode was "Angel Beats". However, to be completely fair, that episode had me seriously wondering what kind of sicko would write something so heart-wrenching on paper. Great anime and story, but the last couple episodes (ESPECIALLY the last episode) are over-the-top depressing. I suspect that anybody that could watch this without getting a lump in their throat would also watch "Old Yeller" and summarize the movie by saying "Yup, the dog's dead".

    Having said all of that, I'm curious what shows the other members have had such a connection to that the end was excruciating. We're not talking about "I don't want to see this show end" kind of stuff. There are a lot of shows which we would all like to see go on for a lot longer than they did else the forum wouldn't be inundated with requests for more "Rosario Vampire" or "Sekirei". I want to hear about shows which actually developed a connection between the characters and viewer to the extent that it felt like saying goodbye to an old friend by the end of the season.

  • @pleco_breeder said in End of the season:

    At the time, I didn't realize that the show was only 10 episodes, so i caught myself saying "please, no" as the final segment began indicating that the show was over.

    A little off topic but there is a bonus 11th episode that Crunchyroll will have next week.

    I do agree with you but only on shows I've really taken a liking to for their characters. This season (along with MMO Junkie) it'll be Animegataris, Girls' Last Tour, Konohana Kitan, Land of the Lustrous, and Love Live Sunshine (although I play the game so maybe not as much).

    Sometimes I'll read the source when I'm done (if I'm not already) or try and find SFW doujins although with some series (K-On) even if they're SFW there's still a lot of shipping so not always the best option...

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