does any one know when or if Dubble talk will come back?

  • I miss it and the link for dubble talk is still on the site, has any one heard any news on it?

  • No news to report on the ol' Dubble Talk. We know it's a fan favorite and would love to hear more about it and other ways to connect with you guys.

    Any thoughts?

  • Here are some ideas

    You should reboot Dubbletalk as a mouthy audio and video podcast.

    Each episode should only focused on one/two completed dubbed animes (e.g., like the podcast “how did this get made” but with anime).

  • dubble talk is what got me to watch shows I normally would avoid like kings game I stoped watching it but if dubble talk watched it I would grit and bare it cause I love to hear their thoughts on the show and a lot of time its damn funny

  • I liked the live discord chat / show party for Black Clover you guys hosted a few weeks ago. I'd be up for anything along those lines.

  • To be honest, I think people just like to have a face(s) to put on a brand/company (to be clear, you don't need to actually show your face, an image, or just a plain audio podcast would work fine). They like to hear conversations about shows/things they're interested in, they like to hear their thoughts (mostly un-edited (people don't like it if it seems you're being censored)) on events going on in their speciality (in Funimation's case that'd be anime news), what shows are they looking forward to, and so on.

    I think for the hosts, it's be good if you had 2-5 people, each with contrasting opinions, and if they had geeky/nerdy specialities outside of anime (video games, manga, programming, etc) that'd work really well too. One thing I do think is a must however, is a strong mediator, someone who can keep control of the conversations taking place, put forth good questions to the group, and maybe push the more quieter members a little so they can put their own views to the forefront too.

    Lastly I don't think the people even need to be in the same place, internet/phone calls can be done, and depending on the chosen software (and the editors skill), can work really well. If you can't get a team together in the same place, I personally would use audacity on everyone's own machine to capture their own audio, then send the files to the editor, where-in they can mix them together into something that flows and sounds great.

  • I agree with most of what Tibs said. However, in my case at least, the general "banter" and comedic anime-based conversations were my reason for watching. Even the stuff that wasn't anime related was entertaining (i.e. the count of Lauren's snorts is still memorable). IMO, this is what kept the stream interesting, and gave it a "discussion among friends" feel.

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