I need Anime for me and my niece

  • i have a niece she's 7 years old i want to watch anime with her but i can't find anything thats won't scare her but i can watch at the same time the anime needs to be on funimation have any recomendations thanks ^-^

  • Try some shows like Monster Hunter Stories: Ride On, Puzzle & Dragons, Bamboo Blade, and maybe even give Love Live! Sunshine!! and Show By Rock! a shot.

  • Dragon Ball (although...I guess there is SOME content in there that may not be appropriate for a 7 year old)
    Castle Town Dandelion

    There is a bunch of other stuff out there that won't be scary, but may have sexual jokes in there.

    Heck when I was a kid I watched Cannonball Run 3 or 4 times a week. I just watched it last week for the first time in years and heard sexual jokes that I would never have even gotten as a kid.

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