I need Anime for me and my niece

  • i have a niece she's 7 years old i want to watch anime with her but i can't find anything thats won't scare her but i can watch at the same time the anime needs to be on funimation have any recomendations thanks ^-^

  • Try some shows like Monster Hunter Stories: Ride On, Puzzle & Dragons, Bamboo Blade, and maybe even give Love Live! Sunshine!! and Show By Rock! a shot.

  • Dragon Ball (although...I guess there is SOME content in there that may not be appropriate for a 7 year old)
    Castle Town Dandelion

    There is a bunch of other stuff out there that won't be scary, but may have sexual jokes in there.

    Heck when I was a kid I watched Cannonball Run 3 or 4 times a week. I just watched it last week for the first time in years and heard sexual jokes that I would never have even gotten as a kid.

  • You could try the movie "Your Name" (not sure if it will hold her interest but ok for kids, just a little bit serious), or show "Yuri on Ice" (that one has cute characters of different ages, a cute dog, great music). Both are for any age I think.

  • Snow White with the Red Hair is pretty tame.

    I kow you said Funimation, but Card Captor Sakura is made for young girls, so would be good for her. The original series is on Crunchyroll (dubbed too), and the new Clear Card arc will be simuldubbed on Funi is a few weeks.

  • Three Leaves Three Colors, Hina Logic, New Game, Interviews with Monster Girls would be good choices

  • I would suggest Monster Hunter stories and Puzzle&Dragon as well.

  • School Rumble and Bamboo Blade.

  • @jlaking said:

    School Rumble

    For a seven-year-old?

  • Now that they’re finally available for legal streaming, you might want to give the Mamoru Hosada films a try. Or at least the first three; Boy and the Beast has a few violent scenes in it.

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