Anime in 4K

  • Funimation should put some 4K quality shows on their online service, if possible.

  • Arent Your Name and Gundam Thunderbolt the only 4K quality anime that exist?

  • Yeah I think there's a couple others I've heard of but not a lot of anime are in 4k. In fact even 1080p is actually pretty rare with this chart for Spring 2017 showing Clockwork Planet was the only show produced at 1080p and the majority being 720.

  • It is any possible way that funimation could upscale some of their shows to 4K ?

  • I'd imagine once the Home Video Distribution deal switches from Universal to Sony that Funimation may start pumping out 4K Blu-rays.

  • Kinda' pointless for anime, really.

  • No real reason for true 2160p anime content, if anything it'd probably be a bad thing because more information (art and stuff) would need to be included to fill up all the space on the screen and anime takes a while to make on a short deadline anyway.

    Upscaling is kinda pointless but if you have your heart set, you could always get an upscaler.

    Even then, 2160p is only "good" when you're as far away from the tv as it is big (actually, probably a little bit closer). Take a 60-inch TV for example, you need one below average tall american length between where you sit to the set itself (average women's height is 5'4'' for reference).

    Now on computer monitors, chance are that you are that close, probably... maybe. 1440p is definitely more noticeable than 1080 but I'd be a bit apprehensive for the 4k since you'd need a pretty big screen or close up seating.

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