Home media slipcovers

  • So, I guess I'm probably weird, but I like the slipcovers that come on Funimation home media. I ordered Seasons 2 and 3 and the OVAs of Black Butler from Amazon when the were about 50% off and due to the impending license expiration, and two of them came without slip covers. When I ordered Season 3 of High School DXD, it also came without a slip cover. With my weird compulsion, I just think how unmatched they will look when I put them in a bookcase.

    Amazon also ships games and blurays in bubble mailers these days so the slip covers often get bent and crushed on the edges, something else that annoys me.

    It's almost enough to make me order from Right Stuf or Funimation even when Amazon is cheaper. Right Stuf has the best packaging I have ever seen and Funimation does fairly well too.

    Does anyone else like the slip covers and prefer to have all boxes from a series match?

  • It kinda drives me nuts when they don't come with a slip cover, I think it looks so much nicer with one

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