does any one else have issues useing crome?

  • about 4-5 months ago or some time shortly after the site changed I started to have buffering issues with crome in fullscreen mode. it stops to buffer ever 20-40 seconds and makes the video unwatchable. I switch to firefox and only have some audio stutter every now and then. any way I tried crome again and it still has the same problem. It was working fine after the site updated then just one day started up. any one haveing this issue? I'd like to use crome again as the new firefox made the stuttering worse.

  • The only time I have the buffering issue is when the video starts.

    1 Are there any extensions that are slowing down the browser.

    2 Is your Internet speed good. (your Internet speed is find i'm guessing)

    3 Does your computer have a CPU that can run video (I'm guessing your computer is powerful enough)

    4 You may have something running in the background that's slowing down your computer?

    That's all I can think of that could be the cause even though you asked Does anyone else have issues using Chrome.

  • Thing is...other video streaming sites I can view just fine, even in fullscreen. Funimation, however, I have to have the browser in a window to get it running smoothly. (having the browser fullscreen only works 50% of the time...) I also use chrome, but I heard that this issue is common apparently, and has been for quite some time. :/

  • @Joeynator3000 I almost always use Chrome when watching on my computer. When the new website was put in place I had consistent buffering issues, but gradually those problems subsided, and now I can usually stream at 1080 no problem. I even have a low-end imac from 2007 that seems to handle it just fine.

    That probably doesn't help you much, but maybe if we could find the difference between your browser and mine we'd have a clue.

  • Yeah buffering still happens when watching in fullscreen, I also use Chrome only.

  • I have issues no matter what browser I"m using with or without any add-ons.
    I think everyone needs to wish really hard that what they want from funimation for christmas is a stable web site that actually streams video without buffering every 15 seconds. I haven't been able to watch anything on this site for at least 4 or 5 months.
    only reason I still have a subscription for this site is how cheap it is.

    So no it's not just you having buffering issues.

  • another thing. the player it self... its annoying how it will be playing at 1080p then suddenly drop to the lowest resolution randomly and setting it off auto does not do any thing -_-

  • The only time I have issues is when I fall behind on chrome and PC updates. So if you have not already try updating. Also you could try a clean install of chrome. I watch Funi on chrome almost every day with no issue. The issue is most likely on your end.

  • @MRy27 well if thats the case I'm screwed I am still on windows 8.1 I refuse to pay 100 bucks to update to windows 10 besides I can't play my Japanese games on windows 10 for some reason its not compatible

  • @valmortis I haven't had any problems with Japanese games on 10.

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