Video Playback Error - Android App

  • We have had some reports of users getting a "Video Playback Error" on Android devices.

    We are treating this as an emergent issue, and currently investigating.

    If you are having this issue, please submit a ticket with the reason code "Mobile & Tablet Apps." Please include ALL of the following information, to assist in our investigation:

    1. What device you are using.
    2. The version number of the App that you're using
    3. What episode you were watching when this happened. (series name, episode number, dub/sub, sd/hd, subscription/paid/free user)
    4. Approximately what time of day this occurred. (if you are not in CST timezone, please also let us know your timezone!)

    If you have encountered this issue on the iOS devices, please let us know IMMEDIATELY– based on the current reports, we are investigating this as an Android-Only issue.

    Thank you for your reports, and we will hopefully have this resolved soon.

    Issue Status:

    Affects: Android users
    Status: Under Investigation - Need More Data From Users
    Troubleshooting: None.

  • I have not received any information about this issue being resolved, specifically, but I haven't seen a report about this in months. Unsticking.

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