Testament of Sister New Devil Burst English Dub?

  • Let me be clear first off I'm not asking when, I know that the mods/admins don't know. I'm asking "if". :P So will Season 2 a.k.a. Testament of Sister New Devil Burst be dubbed? I just seen season 1 and absolutely loved it. I mean I love Highschool DxD, but that doesn't hold a candle to this. Our male protagonist in this is less of a whiny punk and seems to be less gay. Mind you I'm not bashing gay people at all here (don't care about sexual orientation, whatever makes you happy friends), just saying if you have beautiful women all over you and you're not making a move you must be batting for the other team and I'm using "less gay" because it's not like he gives in and ravages these girls. Issei on the other hand wakes up to naked vixens in his bed and never makes any attempt to have sex with a single one and this guy wants to be harem king. I got news for you, you're doing it wrong brother! :) Anyway I digress, will there be a dub of season 2?

  • Funimation announced that they would release season 1 and 2 back in July. I am hoping season 2 comes out by April 2018.
    If that is the case, we should know by January 16.
    As for Issei, the reason he doesn't make a move, is because the first girl to show interest in him killed him, so he basically has PTSD.

  • said in Testament of Sister New Devil Burst English Dub?:

    Highschool DxD

    Hmmmm....... Didn't read your hole post but saw Highschool DxD so I'm now going to watch this! So far I love it!

  • Okay, looking at Amazon Japan. It looks like the Complete Collection box set with both seasons of Testament of Sister New Devil and both OVAs comes out on February 23, 2018.

    There's been a hint that The Second season (Burst) might not be released in North America until some time after this box set is released in Japan.

    If this is the case and they are trying to prevent reverse importation, does anyone have a guestimate of how long Funimation may have to wait before the Japanese Publisher gives them the okay to release it in North America?

  • @HOOfan1 I've been trying to pay attention to timeline since I first read about the theory, but it's been a bit inconsistent. Four months seems to be the minimum, but the max is still sitting somewhere around the "never" mark. Everything I've actually noticed has been somewhere within that range.

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