• Thought I better stop by and introduce myself if I plan to frequent the Funimation forums a little more!

    As the username pretty much suggests, I've mainly gone as Duff in the online forum world for sometime now (longer than I'd care to admit).

    UK based, recently finished watching Assassination Classroom, currently re-watching Attack on Titan and filling up my Queue with other shows I intend to watch.

    I also recently got 'up to date' with the AoT books (so now have to play the waiting game for the next one...) and have just started Golden Kamuy.

    I've started to try and learn Japanese as well, but am still very much a beginner in that regard.

    Other interests include ice hockey and video games.

  • Welcome to the forums Duff35.

    I'm really looking forward to AoT season 3, I'm not reading the manga so I don't know what's ahead yet. (don't spoil me)

    It's nice to see someone else who is learning japanese, I've been learning for 2 years now and I can say that it can be hard at times but once you master the basics (hiragana, sentence structure and conjugation), it's mostly the same grammar concepts that we already know from english (or french in my case) and all we have to do is memorizing the appropriate words to describe it.

    ...and don't be afraid to learn as much kanji as you can, if you want to be able to read without searching for every single one of them in the dictionary.

  • Hi, welcome. It's good to see another Brit in the forums :)

  • I'll second what has already been said in welcoming you to the forums. I'll also offer up assistance in your Japanese studies if you run into a wall. Although I'm not on the forums as often as I was, I'm always happy to discuss the language or offer tips. If your curious about my credentials in this regard, please don't take it as bragging as i'm very aware it's difficult to learn, I've been studying the language for the past five (January will be six) years and recently got back from living abroad in Tokyo for a year working and taking classes.

    Again, as already mentioned above, don't be afraid of kanji. There are a lot of words which have multiple meanings, pronounced the same, but conjugate differently. However, the kanji used (or not used) will tell you which one is being used and give more context to the grammar till you become fluent enough to recognize them by instinct. Arimasu, mimasu, and okimasu are the immediate words which come to mind in this regard because of specific uses which infer different meanings than the standard. Sorry about the impromptu lesson, but I do tend to get carried away when discussing the language.

    Once again, welcome to the forum and feel free to hit me up with any questions (although I'll warn that I tend to get a bit wordy in my explanations).

  • Welcome to the forums, Duff. Let me know if there's anything I can help you with. ^_^

  • Welcome @Duff35!

    Let us know if you have any questions!

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  • Welcome to the forums, Duff! :D

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