Autosave for posts?

  • Do we happen to have an autosave feature with respect to crafting posts? Would be especially useful when working on very long posts or when we get pulled away. Basically, like when i am typing in g-mail and it auto-saves periodically. It is nice to access drafts if i need to.

    Side note- Did site maintenance occur Sunday, November 19, 2017 at around midnight? I'm thinking possibly, as when i initially tried to connect, got a 504 site timeout message.


  • Yes, I think their already is some "autosaving" already. You can test it for yourself. Create a new topic (like how you did this), write a few things, close the tab/page, and try to make a new topic again on a new page. You should notice what you've written is already their. I believe the same rule applies to posts too. One thing I'm not sure about though is how long the duration/timeout is. I know the information is kept for a few minutes, but as for whether you could come back and continue writing a day or week later, I haven't tested that.

    As for the maintenance, I have no idea.

  • I remember going back to replies I started writing the day before, so the autosave seems to already be in place, at least for replies.

  • I could swear i posted a screenshot of the 504 timeout message... Should i re-post that? I have also noticed that a response i posted to Mordeth Kai has mysteriously vanished...

  • Yeah, I'm pretty sure I seen that image you left too. It sounds like something on their side. Hopefully the messages that have been removed weren't important, as if it's happened to you it's likely it's happened/happening to others.

  • HTTP error codes that begin with 5xx (five hundred and something) are server errors, so it basically means that the server you tried to reach was not available at that particular moment for some reason. I don't think we can have more information on that from the client-side and as it could have been something trivial like a reboot, small maintenance or maybe just a peak of traffic, I don't think you should expect (or even care about) receiving an answer from Funi.

    Take a look at this if you want to know more about error codes:

  • Thank you Krock for the information.

    Tibs explains,

    "Hopefully the messages that have been removed weren't important, as if it's happened to you it's likely it's happened/ happening to others."

    It was a response i issued in scope of Mordeth Kai's thread discussing Vic Mignogna, then again, that entire topic is gone. I asked Mordeth Kai if that was his/ her doing OR if FUNimation Staff removed the topic. Still have not received an answer. My question becomes, if a move by FUN staff, in addition to eliminating that topic did they inadvertently scrub my post pertaining to the 504? Thank you for confirming that i actually posted that screenshot. I thought i did insofar as i have it saved in a specific folder on the Desktop, usually i won't go to that length unless i intended or did post to the FUN Website.


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