How to use gift card to buy subscription?

  • I got a $60 gift card and i redeemed it already to use for when my trial ends. Now i cant find were to use it when i go to buy the yearly subscription it doesn't show up.

  • Your gift card balance will be automatically applied to your subscription, so you don't need to apply it at signup if you already have a positive balance. However, we currently have an issue where your subscription payment method is being used instead.

    I will post updates to the status on this issue as I receive them and have moved this thread to Funimation Help.

    Ref: 13897

  • Status: In Progress. No ETA on fix yet.

  • Any update on this, I have a friend who I bought a $25 gift card and can't subscribe with it. She doesn't use paypal or have a credit card. Given no option to use her balance for it.

  • @Sophie is there anywat that you guys can take the credit off of our account and just give us the membership

  • @Sophie and who thought it would be a good idea not to include a way to use the balance on your account. I thought that would something you instantly would think of and it is confusing me, smh.

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