Heaven's Lost Property - Anime Classic line to release April 15, 2014

  • Heaven's Lost Property will be releasing to the Anime Classics line after all. I know we had a small discussion about this somewhere in the forum, but now we know for sure. At least the series isn't canned to the SAVE bin… rejoice!


  • Is there any difference between this and the previous season one available (might have missed if so)? Is it simply being rebranded? I'm still new to the whole buying Manga/Anime and have noticed that most titles only get one release/version per season and if lucky a complete series bundle.

    I know the final movie for the series is coming out this year and I simply wouldn't want to buy both seasons now + clockwork movie only to have a complete series or something come out. What is the likelihood of that? I really like this series and plan to buy everything, but I have a bad tendency of buying things only for a better deal/complete set/upgrade to come out months later.

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