Will they even continue seraph of the end

  • Re: Seraph Of The End Season 3? can someone please tell if there will even be a season 3

  • Nothing official has been announced. They might need more material for a new season. I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for the continuation of any anime though

  • If they are going to continue Seraph of the End (which I hope they do I loved the anime). They might be waiting for the manga to get further ahead. I'm reading the manga as the volumes come out. And so far the story is just not that far in opinion for another season. But I keep hope they will continue it. Cause there are some parts in the manga I would love to see animated!

  • Right now they're most likely waiting for enough manga to come out to make a season 3. It is a monthly series not a weekly so there's not much more after what we covered left.

    if anything they would most likely adapt the Guren focused light novels next and they're a prequel

  • Would be nice if they adapted the Guren LN. The whole journey before the fall is really cool.

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