Website Video Player Constant buffering

  • Its been years guys I dont like to rag on you but its literally been the same problem for YEARS. especially during peak times. I experience constant buffering. Doesn't matter what I do or how many tickets get sent in it seems like the problem never goes away. The way my work schedule is I cant watch things during off peak times. I really dont want to be one of those guys constantly complaining about the service but its never been fixed. I have a list of shows a mile long I'd like to watch but when I get through 1-2 minuets of programming only to see the buffering circle it gets really frustrating. I've submitted another ticket regarding the issue. I cant be the only one still experiencing this problem right?
    also I cant seem to post this in the " Help" section so dont yell at me for that.

  • @The_Kenji I know sometimes when viewing the web video player, it only buffers a small amount, and sometimes when watching it, on occasion it stops and buffers sometimes. contacting Funimation doesn't seem to do anything, since I tell them to fix the player, and they only give me the same, cut and paste form responses asking me to follow all these steps. It doesn't help that there is no live support, otherwise if they had live support, it would be contracted out to a foreign customer service outsourcing firm in a third world country instead of an in-house customer service agent at Funimation HQ.

  • Thanks for reporting. The Funimation Help forum does not allow new threads, because it needs to be kept very organized. We encourage users to report issues via the Contact Us form, but if that does not provide a solution, you may post a thread to Funimation General, to General, or to the Suggestions Box Forum. Depending on the thread, I will then move it to Funimation Help and make any necessary changes.

    Let this be the official thread to investigate buffering on the website video player, so we can get this fixed for as many people as possible. Because this version of the site has only existed since December 2016 and has a new video player, a different CMS, and a different CDN from the previous website, please only provide information on buffering issues that have occurred after this date.

    The reason why Customer Support asks you to follow certain steps is because buffering can have any number of causes both on the user side and on our side. Doing the steps helps to rule out the user side. I know it's annoying, especially for the more tech savvy, but Customer Service does not know anything about you or your setup initially.

    Anyone reporting buffering, please provide the below information:

    1. Device and Operating System
    2. Download Speed
    3. Video you were watching when the buffering or loading occurred. Please include Show Name, Video Number, Language and Version. (Even if buffering is happening on all videos, we need this information in order to accurately reproduce the issue)
    4. Approximate timecode of when the buffering or loading first occurred.
    5. About how often did buffering or loading occur while watching the video.
    6. Date and time of day when you experienced buffering or loading.

    1. PC and Windows 10 64 bit
    2. 50 download
    3. I was trying to watch Recovery of an MMO Junkie episode 4 and every 10 seconds it would buffer. English simuldub.
    4. Literally every 10 seconds starting for the beginning of the episode
    5. Every 10 seconds.
    6. 11/20/2017 around 21:00 CST

  • Thank you! I'm keeping a log of all buffering reports I see here on the forum to see if that can help resolve issues. Based on the time and date, though, I think that is the peak hours performance buffering issue that is still being worked on.

  • @Sophie
    1: PC Windows 10x64
    2: 25/2(download/upload)
    3: watching knights & magic, so far all episodes
    4: 5-10 seconds?
    5: constantly through all episodes so far
    6: 2/10/2018 time of this post.
    7: Quality settings occurs on: auto, 1080, 720

    Possible that your video player has it set to not continuously buffer? so it buffers then it stops and waits for the buffered video to be played then buffers next section?

    p.s. lowered down to 540, and it doesn't buffer at all which even with 25/2 i should be able to do 720 with no buffering and tbh should be fine on 1080 most of the time maybe with some buffering here and there but rarely. so it seems like its a issue with the video player causing to much data limiting?? or else there is a leak in the video player causing extra data to be used, but with others like the above person with 50 download having the same issue its more likely a issue on the video player side limiting data i'd say but thats your guys job to figure out o.o

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