Tips on converting anime-immigrants?

  • I have a friend who's never been into anime of any sort, not even Pokemon, not even Death Note. Most of the people I know actually fall into this category.

    Awhile back I tried introducing him to a few things, but he didn't seem interested. In retrospect I think I overwhelmed him with too much, and maybe turned him off even more. Kind of how even the best food won't taste too good if you're just not hungry.

    Just wondering if anyone has any insight into this sort of situation. If you've had that friend, sibling, or even your parents that you've tried introducing the medium to, and how it went.

    In IT they refer to older people who didn't grow up with computers as digital immigrants, as opposed to the current generation of digital natives. The same concept can apply to anime. People who grew up watching DBZ or whatever develop an intuitive acceptance of the medium, but total outsiders can view it as weird, dorky, or too deep into nerd culture. The difficulty with introducing it to someone is that most shows take awhile to really get interesting, and if they never get hooked they won't come back to it.

    I get that it's a form of entertainment that won't appeal to everyone, but I find that even people who "hate anime" will often make an exception for this thing or that thing so long as they give it a chance.

  • Well I used to have a friend telling me that I should watch anime, this was back when Elfen Lied and Death Note were still new. But I didn't bother watching a single episode of any serie he would tell me to watch because I thought every anime would be like DBZ or Pokemon. Then, almost ten years later I somehow had the openmindedness to start watching some and I fell in love with it.

    I don't think you should push your friend to start watching anime but instead just wait for him/her to get interested in it (if it ever happens). That person already knows that anime exists, so at some point, she'll hear about some serie and look into it.

    Like if you would tell me to listen to country music, no matter how much you would show me new artists and "good" songs, I would only start hating it even more so I think it's better to just let time do it's work and wait until the interest grows inside that person by itself.

    Or at the very least, if you still want to suggest series to your friends, try to get some that fit with their taste. If you know what kind of western movie/series they like, give them anime recommendation that are from a similar genre.

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