iOS rotation bug

  • I suggests that you fix the app screen rotation bug for iOS apps.

  • Please do not report bugs in the Suggestions Box forum. I have moved this thread to Funimation Help. In the future, please report the issue via the Contact Us form.

    I checked on my iPhone just now, and the app is behaving as intended. It's locked in portrait mode outside of the player and locked in landscape mode outside of the player. Could you describe the issue? Are you on an iPad?

  • @Sophie I have the same issue, and looking through the past threads I see its been brought up before. On an Ipad, it will not flip 180-degrees in landscape mod. This is desirable for the exact reason mentioned in the other thread, if you are using the device plugged in to the charger, sometimes you need to flip the device one way or another depending on the cord location. Funimation is the only app that doesn't do this.

  • Also, off topic for this thread, but how do you start a new thread? I find no button on the main "Funimation Help" forum page to start a new thread. Something must be wrong.

  • @marka Flipping to either side is already covered in another thread in the Suggestions Box forum.

    We don't allow bugs to be reported in the forum because things can get very disorganized very quickly. Therefore, Funimation Help is a reply-only forum. We request that issues be reported using the Contact Us form. This gets them looked at by a member of staff the fastest and allows us to track and resolve issues faster. Suggestions and feature improvements can be reported in the Suggestions Box forum.

    We have made exceptions to this rule. There is a device status thread for each app pinned to the top of Funimation Help. If you'd like to report an issue or provide feedback for a device that is not listed, please post a new thread in Funimation General or in the Suggestions Box. I'll see it and move the thread into Funimation Help. Status threads are created based on the needs of the community.

  • @Sophie Thanks. That clears it up.

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