Funimation for Switch (and/or 3DS)

  • ...Dare I ask about the progress on that? Figured I would just make a new thread for this instead of bringing it up all the time in the Android thread. But yeah, since I'm a Nintendo fan, I wouldn't mind seeing Funimation on their systems. I already know that you guys requested the kit for the Switch, but....knowing Nintendo they're probably taking forever. lol

  • @Joeynator3000 I want to see the Funimation app on both the Nintendo 3DS, and the Nintendo Switch. I hope funimation could make it happen.

  • They didn't bother to ever make a wii u app so i kind of expect them to ignore nintendo once again.

  • Switch is more popular than Wii U, plus it is mobile. They were making a Vita app afterall. Now if only I could get Breath of the Wild on my PS4....

  • @Blackhearted Well Sophie said they requested an SDK for the Switch not too long

  • @Joeynator3000 said in Funimation for Switch (and/or 3DS):

    @Blackhearted Well Sophie said they requested an SDK for the Switch not too long

    might be the only way they can get one to play Mario

  • No update yet. We are still waiting on the SDK for Switch. 3DS has not been mentioned, but not ruled out. It all depends on how many users ask for one.

  • idea why Nintendo is taking forever...

  • @Joeynator3000 said in Funimation for Switch (and/or 3DS): idea why Nintendo is taking forever...

    @Joeynator3000 B/c that only care about there thing for Nintendo. I mean look how LONG it took for then to agree to have things play on Mobile Phone like Pokemon Go that was something that where in talk for like 3 years or so before that got then to agree to let then used Nintendo Characters. Nintendo alway been this way.

  • In the past I saw articles about how the SDK for the WiiU was way too hard to work with, that is why after launch EA and other western developers finished their contracts and sent the SDK back to Nintendo. The Switch is a lot better to work with and that is why we are seening a lot of Bethesda (etc.) games coming soon and other western games... I mean Doom right. I had also read that making apps for the WiiU and 3DS were chalenging to make also and the ones they have areny very functional anyway. I would think that with the Switch it will be a different story, I read recently that Netflix is working on an app for it. I am wodering though how the Switch paid internet service ( like Gold and Plus) will change how streaming apps work on it... I really hope that there will be a Funimation Now app and maybe VRV or Crunchyroll apps. I feel the Crunchyroll app on the WiiU was the best app on the system. It is just going to be a wait and see I guess, I am not even sure when the streaming apps are supposed to go live on the switch.
    Anyhow I really would love a Funimation app since the switch is such a good portable system, its like the WiiU and 3DS had a baby that was just better than its parents.

  • Actually, streaming services have already started going live on the Switch, with the first one being Hulu. That's the only one they have right now, but this might mean we'll see Netflix, Crunchyroll, and possibly Funimation come to the Switch pretty soon.

  • I should be getting a status update next week. :D

  • @Sophie Wait what? Really?! OwO

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