PS4 sometimes crashes when attempting to watch a video

  • Thanks to the community's help, we believe this issue to happen after the PS4 is brought out of rest mode. To resolve, simply restart your PS4 and then launch the FunimationNow app. I will update this post again when we have fully resolved the issue.

    Original post is below:

    We are currently attempting to reproduce an issue where the PS4 app crashes when attempting to watch a video. Until our QA Team can at least somewhat consistently reproduce the crash or until we get enough information, we cannot report the issue to be fixed.

    We would really appreciate your assistance!

    If the PS4 app crashes when you attempt to load a video, please answer the below questions as best you can:

    1. Which video were you trying to load when the app crashed? Please include show name, video number, language and version. We understand that the app can crash on any video. Providing a specific video will help us to reproduce the issue and to rule out possible causes.

    2. Approximately how many videos are in your history from what you can remember? We understand that this is a bit difficult to determine since the website does not display your full history, so an estimate is fine.

    3. What was the error code that appeared when the app crashed?

    4. Did the crash occur the first time you tried to watch a video after loading up the app or was it after a few videos?

    5. Had your PS4 gone into rest mode after launching the app, but prior to launching the video that caused the app to crash?

    6. Which model PS4 do you own?

    If the app is crashing when you are trying to load a different screen or you would like to report a completely different issue, please do so in the PS4 status thread.

  • I'll give you more direct answers later tonight, but in general the PS4 app tends to crash on me at least once a day, sometimes several times in a single evening. Usually when it does, the video on the screen freezes while the audio keeps going, and the controls become unresponsive. The only way to back out is to hit the PS Home button and then try to re-open the app, which is where it crashes and then the error message pops up.

  • @SpacemanHardy Thanks! Please also try to include what you do before the crash happens. We're trying to get steps to make the app crash.

  • Happened to me just now.

    The error code is CE-34878-0.

    The PS4 had not woken up from rest mode. I booted it up from scratch, but watched a bluray before using the app.

    I own a slim model PS4.

    That's really all I can tell you at this time.

  • @SpacemanHardy That is fantastic. Thank you! This all really does point to the rest mode memory leak issue that had been reported already. Hooray.

  • @Sophie i have a ps4 and use a fire stick to watch funimation theough it and i was trying to watch several different shows. Literally every show will buffer for a very long time and then kick me out. I deleted the app and re installed it and the same issue happened. I cant even watch anything anymore the service is so slow or buffers.

  • how do you use a firestick through your PS4? PS4s don't have HDMI passthrough like Xbox Ones

  • I am also having the same problems with the ps4 app. The app needs to be fixed.

  • @kpeck0112 Are you saying that you own both a Fire Stick and a PS4 each with its FunimationNow app installed? I'm not aware of the crash happening on Fire TV, but considering that it too can be placed in rest mode, it could be the same issue as PS4. Please post about it in the Fire TV status thread. For PS4, this is a memory leak issue that is caused by launching the FunimationNow app after bringing your PS4 out of rest mode. We are working on a fix. For now, all you need to do is restart your PS4 and then launch the FunimationNow app.

    @Spaceshotx7 Yes, we are working on a fix. Please see my response to @kpeck0112 for how to resolve. If you are still experiencing buffering, and you did not bring your PS4 out of rest mode, please post in the PS4 status thread. Please provide as much information as possible about the issue, including how to reproduce the issue. That is the most important and is what helps us to fix issues.

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