Support issues. Contact form just issues cut and paste responses.

  • Hi,

    When I report problems with the web players in the contact forum, they just give form cut and paste responses that are not really helpful, and they don't respond in a timely manner.

    When watching the video web player, at random points, the video quality goes down, and the picture becomes a bit pixelated.

    Also, the ps4 app keeps on locking up and crashing when I try to watch episodes on the PS4 app.

    I don't want to use the contact form because they only respond with cut/paste form responses that are not helpful, and the issue never gets solved.

  • Usually when it gets pixelated you are having a network slowdown. If you're using wifi a simple solution would be to just ethernet into your router/switch/modem. Or move your stuff closer to your router. Or get a new, better, router. Either way you probably won't be able to get a better experience through wifi. Assuming you are on wifi. If you are not on wifi, then complain to your ISP and get nothing to show for it. Though you COULD powerline, that could work.

    Unless you have a computer that is riddled with viruses there really isn't a whole lot you could do on the software side. Try a different browser, ctrl+shift+delete everything, clean install windows, get a mac, get a linux.

    As far as the PS4 app goes, its pretty finicky for me and I honestly hate using it but I suffer through it. Though if we're speaking honestly here, for the PS4 I only really like Crunchyroll's and kind of Netflix's apps, everything else is weird to navigate compared to desktop.

    I'm no expert in IT, I'm just an enthusiast.

  • Yeah, the contact forum is kinda pointless...Same response, same steps to "solve" the issue"...waste of time. My issue is with buffering, even told them that it was a common problem that needs fixing. Still gave me the same answer. :/

  • I wonder what the most problem free device is for Funimation. Seems like a lot of PS4 users are having problems. I've had some minor problems on Firestick, but not bad buffering problems. I wonder how Roku and XBONE do.

    When I got the Firestick, I had thought about must moving my PS4 and using it as a Bluray player and streaming box. Kind of glad I went with the firestick

  • @Spaceshotx7

    First of all, thank you so much for reporting issues via the Contact Us form. Unfortunately, the response from Customer Service will not always contain a fix for what has been reported. However, these reports really do help to alert the Tech Team to issues and to help determine the severity of the issues, especially when the cause of is on our end.

    Regarding the quality of the web player, without more information it sounds like this is working as intended. The quality of the video adjusts to your device's internet connection. If you were not provided with this information and steps to improve the quality, please let me know and I will discuss this when I next meet with Customer Service, so that we can make sure that they have everything they need in order to provide help.

    Regarding the PS4 crash issue, we are still in need of information for users in order to reproduce and fix the issue. Perhaps you can help us with this by contributing to the thread for this issue.

    @Joeynator3000 They have to provide these same troubleshooting steps because buffering has multiple causes. This helps to rule out anything on the client side. If you have told Customer Support that you are still experiencing buffering, that will help us to resolve the overall issue.

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