"Content unavailable in your country" message on forum

  • I refreshed the forum page several minutes ago and this screen showed up.

    The problem is I'm definitely in the United States, so I should be able to view the site. Evidently the problem is only on Microsoft Edge, as I'm posting this message via Google Chrome. But this is the second time I've got this screen on my primary browser. I cleared my cookies and cache this time and still this screen shows up; it's not just on the forum page, but the main page as well.

  • Send in a ticket to www.funimation.com/contact-us and let the tech team know about it. You can also contact them on Twitter @FunimationHelp and that'll give them the head's up about your ticket.

  • @SpacemanHardy I've submitted a ticket as you suggested, but I don't have Twitter, only Facebook.

    I'm posting this reply on Microsoft Edge, so the issue has gone away for now.

  • Oh yea I get that same problem when I go on forums on my PC's web browser. I use Chrome though and live in Canada.

  • We've seen this issue happen in multiple browsers. Refreshing resolves temporarily.

    Please submit a ticket about this. We actually thought this was an internal network issue that was not affecting outside users because the QA team connects to different WiFi networks in order to do region testing. It actually happened to me this morning and I don't do QA anymore.

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