New Season for Mouretsu Pirates ( Bodacious Space Pirates)

  • Who wants to know what Marika Kato will do in the future? I think that she will want to go and explore new oceans and meet that person that Quartz Christie was talking about in the last episode. But i think that i know who that might be. Still i know that she still has to go through her third year of High School and there should be new adventures for her waiting to start. Please think about the people who have see this show a dozen time. They probably want to know as much as i do. Please consider making a second or third season of this show. Thank you.

  • I finished the first half of Bodacious Space Pirates and thought it was pretty good. Still on my list of things to follow up on when I have the time.

    Maybe you know or maybe you don't but BSP is actually owned by Sentai (streamed on Hidive), not Funimation. Beyond that, the western distributors rarely have any influence on whether a show gets a second season or any continuation.

    Outside of the anime the only adaptations I think we've received are two manga volumes by Seven Seas, which are based on the movie. I don't think the light novels were ever translated into English, unless there are fan translations out there.

    Sorry but that's often how things go in this medium. You get part of a story and the rest is left up to your imagination.