PS4 subtitle delay thread

  • Let this be a thread where we notice a delay on subtitles that don't match with what is said on TV and I have sent in multiple tickets on but have yet to be fixed!

    I'll start with D-Frag, shakugan no shana and sky wizards academy. Anyone else on PS4 have any delay on subtitles that don't match post it here for all to see and to check! Let this thread only be for people who have sent in tickets but have yet to be fixed on PS4!

  • Forgot sword of the stranger to add to the list woops...

  • @fatman123 Please list specific episodes, including the language and version, and the approximate timecode where the delay occurs.

    Any other reports cannot be accepted, unfortunately.

  • @Sophie Thing is I've sent in tickets and bugged you some plus just got a email back from Funimation telling me they couldn't reproduce the issue. Anyone with a PS4 can you please try to watch D-Frag, shakugan no shana and sky wizards academy on your PS4 and tell me if it works or not PLZ!!!! It doesn't matter what episode you watch or when you start it it's always will be with a delay and words don't watch with what is said on the show. I turn on subtitles when a show starts, 8 seconds later of words spoken it then starts to show on my tv with the subtitles but 8 seconds or so back with what was said so I can't read and follow the show!

    This way I can send this link to the funimation support people and show them it just not me or it may just be me but help me to figure out please!!!

    Can anyone on their PS4 PLZ test this out!?

  • If we were unable to reproduce on our end, then yes, we will need more reports from other users with very specific steps or even better, a video of the issue happening.

  • @Sophie So how to I upload videos on here to show you or on a support ticket? I'd be happy to show you/send it in to support!?

  • You'd have to upload them to a third party site, like YouTube, and link to them. Make the video non-searchable, which means that only people with the link will be able to find and watch the video.

  • @Sophie I have in my settings on my PS4 in the Funimation now app set for cc and subtitles to be on BTW! On one show I couldn't start from the beginning, I guess I got a copyright warning but you can see the delay on the show!

    D-Frag, shakugan no shana, sky wizards academy and sword of the stranger!

  • Wow, yeah, that's pretty significant. I'll have our team see if they can reproduce the issue.

    One thing though, could it be happening because you're on a 4:3 TV? Are you able to test on a 16:9 TV?

  • @Sophie My TV is set to 16:9 just I had to move close to the TV so to get a clear picture of it. My TV won't let me adjust anything but is set to 16:9. On the old app version I ran into this with many other shows but with your advice to delete the app and download it again seemed to fix shows with a delay but those ones won't fix and I would luv to be able to watch these shows without that delay!!

  • Oh, OK. The cropping is from your phone. Thanks. Could you please tell me which episodes these are?

  • @Sophie said in PS4 subtitle delay thread:

    Oh, OK. The cropping is from your phone. Thanks. Could you please tell me which episodes these are?

    All starting on episode 1 minus the movie but it doesn't matter what episode or where I start or for how long I'm met with that delay on just those shows? Give me 20 min and I bet I could find 1-2 more shows with this delay but those shows I've listed are at top priority for me as I really want to watch with it working right!!

    A dream I've had for some time, btw I had to borrow a phone from a friend to record that as my phone wouldn't hook up to my PC and why that took so long to get vids up on it! Friend is 119 miles from me so took some time to meet up with him to do this finally!!!

  • Pacific NW I'm at and Comcast is my ISP if that helps

  • That does help. Thank you!

    [Update] Our QA team is on it. ^_^ They are going to test on PS4 and on Xbox One. The two apps have the same code base, so that will help them to determine if this is a content issue or if it's a bug.

  • Last to point out is that this issue was 2-3 app versions ago with this issue happening.!? Also, I never seen nor I met a MOD as epic as you!!!!!!!!!

  • @fatman123 Why thank you. ^_^ I'm happy to help.

    Good news. Our QA Team was able to reproduce the issue on several different devices, which means that this is a content issue and not an app bug. This also explains why you were seeing it several app versions ago. Our QA team will be entering a bug into our system, so that the videos can be fixed by the Digital Team.

    Since this is a content issue, please let us know any other series that have delays. If it looks like all or most of the episodes of a show have a delay, please mention this and include a specific example episode with timecodes. You no longer need to post videos.

    Thank you again!

  • @Sophie I have been having trouble with watching The Disastrous Life of Saiki K.
    Every other episode/special has a 3 to 5 second subtitle delay and i am unable to watch the show for that reason.

  • @jujuman101 Thank you for reporting. Could you please provide a specific example episode, so that we can test?

  • @Sophie Special 18 it's title name is Kineshi Hairo ,in search of lumber .
    When the intro starts for the show it usually shows the show name in subtitles and it appears a few seconds after it should , when the intro is over with the first character on screen starts talking and no subtitles apear for a few seconds .

  • Dragonball super also skips a couple of frames

  • @Sophie Fairy tail ep 179 and 185 have that delay on them like above! I'm on PS4 and just to be sure I played them on the PC and with subtitles on set to Eng well they have that mega delay like with I showed above! I would send in a ticket but every time I do they can never reproduce it but you were able to confirm my past issue so you rock!

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