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    So, I’ve never purchased with FUNimation before. I purchased an item (on Oct. 4th) that was on preorder and did the 2-day shipping. I was wondering how long would it generally take for me to receive my item once the item is no longer on pre-order. Not an exact date, just a “guess”timate. Just would like to know! Thank you.

  • If you go to "My Account" and then choose "Orders/Whishlist" you should be able to get tracking information. You should also get an e-mail when it ships. If you paid for 2 day shipping, I would hope you would get it within 2 days. I think with some really popular pre-order items, they get so many pre-orders, they can't fulfill them all within the release window. I will say that I pre-ordered a Funimation product with Amazon Prime and got it the day of release, although I don't think Amazon protects their packages as well as Funimation does.

    I've ordered a couple of items from Funimation and chosen free shipping. Right now I am waiting on 1 item which shipped last Friday, from the tracking information I will probably get it tomorrow or Friday. The other item I got within 4-5 days I believe. At least with free shipping, I don't think the items move at all on Saturday or Sunday. It also depends on how far you live from the fulfillment center.

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