Anime and gaming Discord - The Chatroom

  • If anyone wants a place to hangout on discord - The Chat Room -

    A popular Discord server, we welcome new members and would like to increase our activity levels (Over 350 members)

    Most of our members are anime fans. We also have a lot of people who like gaming, some of us team up on various platforms to game together e.g. Steam, PS4 and Xbox etc... We have around 350 members so far (not that many active - about 50 - 100 semi active to active) We are always pleased to meet new people

    We are more suited to 18+ plus year olds, most of our members are aged 18 - mid 30's. Plus some channels are not suitable for under 18's. Younger people are welcome but will not be granted access to the NSFW channels until 18. Most channels are for everyone though.

    -new channel added colour picker- change your own colour whenever you like

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