Keep full screen when new video transition

  • Would like the ability for my video player to keep full screen on desktop web browser when series is on auto play or I click to next episode. Using firefox browser, player will exit out of full screen to load up new web page containing next video. Would love for a transition that youtube or hulu uses and what the FunimationNow app player does.

  • Bump. It's annoying having to re-fullscreen between each episode. Either that or death by white UI

  • Same!! Super annoying when i wanna just sit back and watch while sitting across the room on my bed.

  • Agreed, this would be a helpful feature when watching back to back episodes.

  • I shall pitch this. I think what will probably happen is that full screen will be enabled automatically on the video player without you having to click anything after the player marathons and a new Video Detail loads. We are actually in the process of overhauling that page, so it might take a bit longer than normal. However, because of that it's easier for us to throw in extra features.

    I had not considered the white UI during marathon, so I'll also see if that setting can be saved across videos as well. ^_^

    Thank you very much for the suggestions!

  • Yes, I'm having the same problem.

  • @Sophie Hey sophie, I posted my idea for an intro/outro auto-skip function in another post, I think it would be a game changer. :)

  • Any update on full screen not exiting each episode?

  • Really, this would be so helpful. And sometimes when I go back to full screen, my connection gets all weird and the audio breaks up. I would love for an auto full screen each episode.

  • No update yet, but it's on the list of site enhancements.

    @kindsassa We're getting closer to adding this.

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