The continue watching section right now isn't useful.

  • The continue watching section is pretty much a lost of space right now. Right now if I watch a show, let's say Gamers episode 8, and watch it till the end, the continue watching section should go and suggest me to watch episode 9 right? This isn't what is happening though. I usually(90% of the time) don't watch the end credits completely and this breaks the continue watching completely. Right now my own section is filled with suggestion to continue watching episodes that I already have finished but didn't reach the very end.

    Wouldn't it be possible to make it so that if you passed a certain point of an episode it automatically suggest the next one? Because that section is just bugging me everytime I see it on my ps4.

  • @GoldCrusader It does this already. The "completed watching" flag is triggered when you have watched 95% of the video's duration, which usually means about halfway through the end credits of an average episode. However, I believe this varies per app. Some apps can only handle "100%", but I think only the PS3 app does this. PS4 should be following the 95% rule.

    We will be implementing an update that will more accurately define when the end credits actually begin, so that this can be the "completed watching" flag instead.

  • @Sophie maybe tweak the % a little? I usually quit very early during the end credits and it almost never show the next episode for me.

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