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  • @Sophie I know this isn't the right place to post this, but can't really do much about it because of the nature of the issue. I normally work excessive hours the first part of the week, and have time to visit the forum later in the week. Anyway, at some point between Sunday morning, and yesterday afternoon, a glitch occurred which has made the forum/website almost unusable.

    The drop down menus at the top of the screen are EXCEPTIONALLY TOUCHY for some reason now, and will not leave the screen if they are scrolled across. I understand that mouseover should cause them to drop in order to be usable, but they won't leave the screen if my mouse goes over them. I've managed to work around this by refreshing the page, and CAREFULLY moving the mouse along the top till I'm over the funimation logo and going down from there, but this really is getting annoying. I tend to surf with a lot of tabs so even getting around the forum with most of the screen blocked by the menus is nearly impossible.

  • It seems the situation is a bit less severe for me, but it happens if I move the cursor really fast over the drop-down menu. I think it registers the cursor being on the menu at that precise millisecond, so the options drop down, but there's some sort of lag so it doesn't register the fact that the cursor isn't on the drop-down menu anymore.

    A more pressing issue for me regarding the drop-down menu on the forum page is that there's just so much white space below the options.

  • I am having this too. I can click it away if I click on an area the menu doesn't cover.Rather annoying though.

  • We'll look into this.

    This is now being looked into.

  • Another problem I have been having lately with the forums, is it keeps asking me to log in to post or reply, even when I am already logged in. So when I hit the log in button, it just takes me to my account information. I try logging out and logging back in and still have the same problem. It only seems to manifest itself on the forums

  • @HOOfan1 You mean that log in issue STILL hasn't been fixed yet!? I issued a ticket on that problem five months ago.

  • @GalaxyCrisis said in Forum problem:

    @HOOfan1 You mean that log in issue STILL hasn't been fixed yet!? I issued a ticket on that problem five months ago.

    Apparently. It has happened to me several times intermittently over the last month

  • Because the forum header issue has been reported, and because this is becoming a multi-issue thread, I have to lock this.

    The login issue is related to SEO. The issue is being worked on, but it's not an easy fix apparently.

    To get around it for now, close all tabs, clear your cookies, restart your browser, go to, log in. Do not log in from any other page in the site, including the forum.

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