Fairy Tail the Movie: Phoenix Priestess

  • I am planning on watching this movie sometime over the week end. Is there an episode number I need to have watched through to prevent any spoilers for the series?


  • If your plan is to avoid ALL potential spoilers, then you must watch up through, at least, episode 124

  • exactly what I was looking for,

    thanks a lot..


  • Hey just picked up my copy of the movie at the beginning of this month and I Love it.
    I miss these more condensed story's that long running Shonen manga & anime can't do with out taking away from their massive 50 to a 100rd episode plots per story arc. not that Fairy Tail story arc's suffer from the weight of being that episode bloated but it look like its starting to get there.
    But this is about the movie I enjoyed the animation very much but their are some characters where the upgrade to cinematic animation was more distracting then beneficial Erza being chief among them.
    The other problem I had was this is the N.Y.P.D. Blue like fan service (bare but shots) starts, like I've said before on the funimation blogs I am actually quite fond of fan service shows but I Like to know what they are going in with fairy tail the jokes could sometimes get real echie but with over a hundred and twenty episodes with no nudity I got complacent that there wouldn't be any but after, scanning some of the threads about the later episodes I now know that's going to change soon and will be even more when volume 2 starts in Japan in April .
    But in closing I do Highly recommend this movie for any Fairy Tail fan

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