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  • If this is posted elsewhere, I apologize. I did not do a through search.

    Are there any plans for an Apple TV, PS3, PS4, Xbox One or Panasonic app? I would love to subscribe to the Elite service, but I would prefer to watch on my TV and not phone, laptop, or tablet. Crunchyroll has a nice setup, but I prefer to watch dubbed anime and the Funimation service looks to have the best selection.


  • There are plans for PS3, PS4, PSVita, Xbox 360, and XBone. Smart TVs are also planned, but I am not sure which ones.

  • unfortunately due to reasons beyond funimation control verizon android apps do not work it was shut down. they have it listed but its not going to work. i have the most recent software on my android. so ya your out of luck on that unless they get a different app company which their is over a 1,000 to choose from.

  • also their is a way to turn a xbox version using your keyboard and your pc. it involves getting the xbox live gold and using bing yahoo google etc and to go from their.

    1. xbox
    2 .xbox gold
    3. keyboard using the back jack of the xbox your game controllers are the mouse.
    4. go to search engine
    5. type in funimation
    6. create account
    7, log in
    8. watch the shows im still working on the test
    however i think i have got the bugs out depending on the connection speed

  • its a quick fix depending on how bad you really want to watch anime lol.

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