The Anime Genie

  • You stumble into an old Japanese antique shop...

    alt text

    As you walk the isles you let your fingers run along the dust covered items including books, candles, an old lamp and...


    The Anime Genie appears before you.

    "Greetings mortal, what are your THREE anime wishes? And NO wishing for more wishes!"

    What do YOU wish for?

  • For people to speak the language of where they are, like how in Hellsing they are in Great Britain but all speak Japanese. Or how in Code Geass, all the Britannians speak Japanese (they are foreign invaders afterall), or how in Attack on Titan, they are clearly in not Japan but yet speak Japanese.

    As an extension of that wish, I would wish for either a universal language (though somehow it would need to be blind and deaf friendly) or for everyone to know all languages (which IS blind and deaf friendly). This would also put an end to the sub > dub or dub > sub crowd, because we wouldn't even need either.

    And lastly: a second/final season to every show that ends on a cliff-hangar with no follow-up. Unbreakable Machine Doll, Rokka, Accel World, Yuki Yuna, all of them (and everything else) would/will finally get an end.

  • @darthrutsula40 Wow.... I feel like you've been thinking about this for a while now, waiting for this exact moment. lol Well done. 👍

  • I am gonna follow darthrutsula40's example and say that any cliffhanger shows get a second season, or at least some kind of conclusion. Chihayafuru, Yona of the Dawn, Seven Deadly Sins, Big Windup, Skip Beat!, Blue Exorcist, etc. I am gonna add Magus Bride to this right now in case we don't get another season cause dang it this series deserves a full adaptation.

    And for the shows that were adapted with Anime Original endings, or just weren't adapted well, for them to be remade by a suitable studio. This would include shows like Fruits Basket, Rurouni Kenshin, Ranma 1/2, Ouran High School Host Club, etc.

    And lastly, make anime more readily available to Canadians for purchase cause dang if I don't have limited resources in that department, and to have them at reasonable, affordable prices. I'm looking at you Aniplex.

  • If wishes can be wild.

    I wish for My Hero Academia, Haikyu and most of my favorite JUMP titles to receive complete adaptations.

    2nd wish is really really wild. I would wish that the manga series Red Sprite(now to be revived and go full anime. I liked the characters and world so much and I still cry this lost.

    My last wish would be that all anime production achieve a high level of quality of the same as MHA and like Haikyu. Without killing the animators of course.

  • My 3 Anime Wishes:

    1. This is more for Sentai / Section 23 but RahXephon on Blu-Ray

    2. Someone to License Paranoia Agent

    3. An Anime Adaptation of Kekkon Yubiwa Monogatari (Tales of Wedding Rings)

    1. Amazon either drops out of anime or learns how to actually run a streaming service
    2. Netflix either stops licensing anime (they can keep making their own originals) or learn to simulcast
    3. We get some good yuri adaptations of series like Girl Friends, Octave and Bloom into You.

  • @JayHairston said in The Anime Genie:

    @darthrutsula40 Wow.... I feel like you've been thinking about this for a while now, waiting for this exact moment. lol Well done. 👍

    It has always been a sticking point for me when I watch an anime that isn't in Japan where everyone still speaks Japanese. I don't understand WHY it bothers me, it just does. This issue isn't specifically about anime for me, I'd also apply it to even Hollywood movies like Wonder Woman or Captain America where the germans (who are Nazis/Hydra) speak... English? Wait what?

    It just adds to the authenticity of what I (I guess all of us actually) is being watched.

    Lets just say i've put an abnormally large amount of thought into something like this.

    1. All anime gets licensed and available for purchase (at not insane prices (looking at you Aniplex)). Does not even have to be dubbed (but that would be nice), I would simply like the opportunity to own certain series that are not currently available. Legal options to watch them as well.

    2. Finish all the incomplete series. And not do any cliffhanger endings.

    3. Stop having totally unnecessary ecchi/fan service scenes. I hate having a totally serious show, just to have some weird ecchi scene for no reason.

  • How about this, that FUNimation remains a strong and viable company with diversified assets.

    By the way, Jay, nice background photo under your profile. Mind telling us who the people are? ;-)

    All the best,

  • @JayHairston

    1. Access to all anime, either on funimation, crunchyroll, sentai etc. I want access to everything any where!
    2. Finish all my favorite and anticipated animes and finally
    3. No interruptions while watching anime ( like everyone stops, or are frozen in time or i have my space they cant reach).

    1. Keijo full series animated and official English manga translation
    2. Haruhi Suzumiya season 3 and beyond
    3. "Falling into boobs" trope permabanned from all future works.

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