[Resolved] Dance With Devils Isn't Playing Songs Dubbed?

  • So I am attempting to watch Dance With Devils, purely out of curiosity as to what a dubbed musical sounds like, and I can't seem to make it play the version where the songs are dubbed, I am only getting the simulcast. I have it set to uncut, English language.

    Sorry if this is in the wrong spot, I wasn't sure where to post it.

  • Sounds like it might be a technical issue. What device are you trying to watch the show on?

    Please send in a ticket to www.funimation.com/contact-us and let the tech team know about this issue. You can also contact them directly on Twitter @FunimationHelp, and you might get a faster response that way.

  • I'll submit a ticket! It's on my Desktop, using Chrome, this is the first time I've ever had an issue so I wondered if it was just something I was doing. I tried it on my tablet and it worked there though!

  • @emdier What player and/or browser are you using? Are you using the web player, or are you using the app? if using app, which app? Windows 10, iOS, Android, PS4, Xbox? If using web player, which operating system and browser are you using?

  • I managed to get it to go, I went on my tablet and started playing the episode on there, which was playing correctly, then when I came back to the computer I refreshed and it had my history. So it started playing properly then. Bit of a roundabout way of doing it but it worked.

  • @emdier Were you not able to play the episode in Uncut using the filters in the Show Detail Video List? I was not able to reproduce the issue.

  • @Sophie I would select uncut, and then whenever I would go to play the episode it was automatically go back to the simulcast version. I tried this a few times and it would keep just automatically going back. However, the second I got it to play on my tablet (Where I had no problem getting it to work) it started working on my computer too. So maybe I just had a weird glitch or something.

  • @emdier Thanks! Had you already watched the Simulcast version? I'm wondering if the player was falling back to the Simulcast version even though you had set the filter as Uncut.

  • @Sophie no, that was my first time watching the show.

  • Weird. Well, it's in as a bug now. Hopefully, the developers are able to reproduce it.'


  • The bug related to this has been fixed. Locking thread.

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