VRV Integration

  • Would be nice to have all Funimation content on VRV be supported the way it is on Funimation itself, if that makes sense.
    For example. to watch Noragami Season 2 on VRV you don't have the option to choose between a subbed or dubbed version like you would if you had been viewing it directly from Funimation's Player. It should be a uniform experience across all channels. Not sure if I should be directing this message to VRV or Funimation.

  • Well Funimation needs exclusive stuff so people use their streaming service. Besides Vrv is Crunchyroll's other streaming service

  • Big thing to keep in mind is that Funimation is transitioning all of their subbed content (save for the stuff they hold the master license to like DB Super, One Piece, Tatami Galaxy, etc.) over onto Crunchyroll.

    My problem with VRV though from my using it is they're super unclear of which version of the dub they stream, the broadcast or the uncut.