I got a new game and... I finished a new game. (welcome to Cyberdimension Neptunia)

  • I had gotten the LE so I wasn't able to play it the day it released (much to my annoyance with Idea Factory International) nor was I able to play in my free time, (which is mostly at night and my grandparents had set-up shop in my room as an inbetween from NY to FL). So while I did start it a little, I didn't really get to sit down and really play it until Monday or Tuesday.

    Boy this was a pretty short game, so where do I start? I guess I'll go with the OST.

    I liked the OST, I like the simplicity and I actually felt it had that JP MMO vibe (my only experience was the Phantasy Star series). I have the OST thanks to my LE but it is missing the OP and both EDs.

    "Wait there were two EDs?"

    Yes there were. This I actually kinda liked about this game. So the Gamindustrians Goddesses aren't trapped in a video game (a plus in my book, avoiding that cliche), but there was a "real world" problem affecting the game, it was being hacked. So after you revive the 4GO goddesses you are derailed into the story that was very middle of the road but passable. Look, these spinoffs are not going to really be played for story, you are playing to see how IF/Compile Heart poke fun at the genre and the overall theme. Which is "don't cheat kids!". Which btw, I loved that they made the cheaters a cheetah for the sake of a pun, but my God they drove that one home, making the cheating cheetah an actual part of the "game". You deal with it, get some backstory about a character you don't care about, except for the Trillionesque sprite, get a little bit more about Gamindustri and that's all that mattered to me. And boom you get the ED! Then after about another 2-3ish hours or whatever you go through the 4GO game story (which IS a copy pasta of everything ever) and get the other ED, one that would be kinda like pokemon I guess? Go into the hall of fame with a comment and whatever, that stuff.

    "So how was the gameplay?"

    Button mashing, to each their own. Ever play Phantasy Star Universe or Online (1 or 2)? Think that but a little faster, maybe a little smoother (THANK YOU DEVS FOR GOING WITH UNREAL 4), make everything kinda boring, the ai dumb as nails to the point where the only good thing is that they can buff your character of choice (I used blanc as a healer and vert to buff the swords with elements, she got the one I needed right about 50% of the time) and just some ranged character to maybe try and damage what you are attacking. The bosses were the only interesting thing but you can get them in a loop if you were lucky enough and you are just waiting to guard break before you burst them down. It is really a chore. Min/maxing is a thing, min your def, max your offenses, you have 3 other characters to play with and its not like its hard to use items or have them heal you. My Neptune was doing 4x what the 3 npcs were doing.

    Story time now:


    Okay more like the dialogue, the reason I usually play the spinoffs. The references were spot on, I liked the allusions, I liked the cameos, I hated the cringey gaming talk.

    Uurrrrrrgh, something video games and anime seem to have a hard time getting right is how other players would talk. Maybe its just a non-issue in JP mmos (a result of their writing systems?), but no one talks like they are being professional in video games. Maybe some, but not as much as these games seem to let on. Nothing about circles, nothing about AoE, nothing about DoTs, burst, dps, tank, nothing. The concept of a vanguard is pointless outside of a raid. Why would a character talk as if they know what they are doing (in this case BEING A HEALER) and then being IN THE FRONT. I'm sorry, but healers generally want to have the least amount of effort in healing possible. Optimally, they would only be healing a tank. DPSs know better than to be a tank, unless you have a tankier class. You are not going to be a glass cannon that is going to be in melee range of everything. I've played all three roles before, I am well aware of what they (I) need to do. Honestly the only anime I know that does its best is Log Horizon and even then I don't hear anything about the logistics of it all, I want numbers, I want rotations. This is why I'll probably never enjoy the "trapped in an mmo" style of anime/games, because it seems like the writer is more concerned about having something convenient as opposed to believeable, its like these people haven't played these games before. Sword Art Online is the worst though, not only is none of this really even bothered to be said, but trapped in a death game when the beta hasn't even gotten past a certain point in the lower levels of the game is BS, bugs exist, you are not going to have a flawless video game. And what like 2000 people ended up staying alive? How the hell did they even make it so far (floor 75 or something)? How did the whole population make it so far? You have to pretty much guarantee that raids go deathless, something that would never happen because, if you've ever played an mmo before, adds exist, AoE is a thing, so are DoTs, not to mention reckless behavior, where's the crowd control? And to think this is all from the first half of the first season that I watched. From what I saw of the second half, it doesn't look like it got better.

    But otherwise, I did really like the non-gaming related dialogue and the story was okay. OST is more or less right up my alley, gameplay is tolerable, even for me. I think I ended up playing about like 15 hours total though. I'm not sure though, I don't have some record to look at I don't think. Not that I'm really too keen on getting the plat anyways, I'd do it because its easy.

  • Well, already finished huh? Yep. Mine's still in the packaging (laughs) ;-)

    Waiter, i'll take some of that copy pasta over here, please.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts, perhaps i'll have something more qualitative to add once i finally get around to playing it...


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