Situational question.

  • What would you do, if you were confronted by a stranger in a dimly lit parking lot who started to ask peculiar (if not downright accusatory) questions related to your recent whereabouts and then proceeded to touch the hood of your vehicle to determine if the engine was still warm? Although this sounds farfetched, this recently happened to me, and before i say what i did, would be interested to know how some of you would have handled this situation.


  • @P.J. When dealing in a potentially dangerous (based upon the accusatory portion of your message) you have to take into account for the status (body language, mental status, and speech for example) of the other person. A decision can be made from this. Response would be different for someone speaking in a well-mannered and professional tone than someone ranting like a madman. There are a lot of variables outside of this (public/crowded location or even time of day) which have to be considered as well. A firm and confident response (regardless of the path chosen based upon variables) is usually the best starting point.

  • I would ask why he or she wanted that information then I would either comply with or dodge their questions depending on how they acted. If the person acts like a cop then I would be forthcoming just for the sake of making it go smooth as possible. I have things to do and I don't want to spend all night answering questions with a keee to my back while I kiss the pavement.

    If the person seems like a druggy or creepy type then I won't answer the questions and I'll threaten him with "I'll call the cops if you don't leave me be". I'll watch the person til he's gone. If he gets physical in any way, I'll just hit 'em in the nose. :-D

  • I'd probably ask "what's it to you?"

    Though knowing what I'm being asked would help too.

  • I do carry around bear spray for situations such as this D: (As if I would ever actually use it, I prefer to try and talk things out)

    Dude, that's terrifying. I do agree more details would help us understand the situation.

  • Yes, i have to say, this was one of the weirdest things...

    As i left the supermarket, this gentleman proceeded to present this idea of perhaps me just pulling into that parking lot. To which, i explained that i was in the store shopping. I guess not satisfied with my answer he then made the move to place his hand on the hood of my car. Thinking even on that, i really shouldn't have allowed him to do that. Further, that was an exercise in futility as i performed an experiment after driving (for a period of time) then immediately touching the hood, and, my car remains cool to the touch. Anyway, after touching the hood, he was still relatively close but had his back to me. During all this, i never took my eyes off him for even a second. At any given point, i was ready for this situation to turn into something out of Kenichi. I'm not sure if he had planned on interrogating me further, however, i didn't waste any time. Like lightning, got into the car, locked the doors, and drove away. If he had followed, i planned to go straight to the police.
    As i think on it, it seemed like that guy was definitely trying to hunt someone down - - perhaps someone who hit his vehicle and the car maybe looked similar to mine?

    Anyway, thank you all for your advice, hopefully, you will never find yourself in a situation like this.


    P.S.- @emdier, bear spray? - - that sounds epic, lol. ;-)

  • @P.J. Whoa, that's scary stuff. Glad he didn't pursue it further!

    And as far as I know, it's pretty impressive stuff but I've never used it haha. I suppose that's a good thing, but I always wonder if I'll even remember how to trigger it if I do need to use it fast.

  • @P.J. First and foremost I treat everyone with the patience, kindness and respect that I expect other people to show me. Secondly you said stranger, night time and physical contact of me or my property (hopefully he or she asked before touching you?) Those three thing scream danger or be alert to me, so if i were you I would: sorry I don't know you and don't see why I have to tell you anything personal about me or my whereabouts. Secondly I don't like my person or property being touched by people I don't know and lastly but most importantly you want to either back away to a place where theres tons of people so this person can't hurt you and you have witnesses. fourth reach for you phone and call someone/anyone, stay on the line until this stranger goes away (tell the person you called exact details). Now if the stranger walks away I suggest a quick environmental scan of your person, your car and to make sure they have left. When you get in your car lock the doors immediately, keep the winds up, start your car and find the nearest police station to report it THEN go home. Happens to me a lot especially at the train station or bus stop. My bus stop experience went down differently though as the stranger wanted me to pay for his bus fair and after i refused he got physical. Needless to say I handled that violently and regret it but after talking to a policeman i learnt a valuable lesson from it.

  • Hello once again Tim Robasa,

    Wow. Haven't heard from you in awhile. How have you been? One point of clarification, the gentleman in my situation actually went around me and touched the hood of my car. At any given point though, i was ready for the situation to escalate.

    Sorry to hear that you had an even worse encounter,


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