Submit buttons don't work, dead links, lag, etc.

  • This thread covers getting the site up and running for @ArtistTimLong. Once everything has been worked out, I will lock up this thread and post a summary at the end with next steps.

  • Nothing is working on the site for me, I can see the thumbnails but I can't see videos, the site has huge amounts of lag, and when I went to cancel my subscriptions, the buttons don't work to complete my cancellation. I love the work Funimation puts out, but I am deeply disappointed in how many flaws and drawback your service has. I subscribed because of the convenience factor but that has been anything but.

    I just want to cancel my subscription and be done with it.

  • @Sophie the videos are not the only problem, the website as a whole is bad. The lag time on this site is horrendous, you can't even click the buttons in the account settings to cancel. I have to jump through too many hoops just to cancel my account. I feel like Funimation is scamming into staying. The website works when you want to sign up and give them your money, but once you want to cancel you have to go around a big circle just to cancel your account. If there is a button to cancel your account, it should work, period. I was told to submit a ticket to the support team and report that problem, I go over there to do so and behold the button to submit doesn't work. The website is just bad, there are entirely too many dead-links, horrible lag, and even worse video streaming. I am passed screenshots and going through the runaround. It is shame that I have to call my bank and block any further transactions from Funimation, my experience has been just been plain terrible.

  • @ArtistTimLong I'd still like to help if I can.

    It sounds like something else may be happening here. I am unable to reproduce the issues with submitting the support form nor with cancelling on Chrome on Windows 10. Could you please tell me what your browser and operating system are? Could you also tell me which browser add-ons/extensions you have installed? Once I can reproduce the issue, I can report it to be fixed.

    I can also help you to get your account cancelled, if you would still like to do that. I can report the request directly.

  • @Sophie I just would like to cancel my account at this point, the hassle I have been through already is more than sold me on the fact that this service has been a huge waste of money and time. I have tweeted the Funimation Help, their first option didn't work, I reach out to them again and they gave me the direct email address to generate a ticket, and I get no response from them. The customer service that I have endured has been the worst that I ever receive from a company. This is a huge disappointment, I was excited at the beginning but this has to be the worst online streaming service right. It's like Funimation is happy as long as they get and everyone else be damned. Hopefully, future users won't have to go through the nonsense.

  • @ArtistTimLong I completely understand. I will put in the request to cancel your subscription, and will email you.

    [Update] I have submitted a cancellation request to our Customer Service team and have emailed you. I will email you again once the cancellation has gone through.

    [Update] Customer Support has let me know that your cancellation request was already processed after you reached out via Twitter and that your subscription will end on October 28, 2017. Since you are on a free trial, you will not be charged.

    In My Account > Subscription, you should see that your Subscription Status is "Cancelled". You should also see a "Keep Subscription" button. If you still see a "Cancel" button or an "Active" Subscription Status, please let me know as this could be a bug.

  • @Sophie I as well would like to cancel my subscription, but am having the same issues.

  • @KenziUniverse There does seem to be something weird with your account. The subscription status is "Never", which means the account has never been a Premium subscriber. However, the other fields show that you are a subscriber.

    I will bring this issue up when I meet with the Customer Support team at Funimation later today, and will submit a cancellation request for you.

    I am locking this thread since it was meant to address issues reported by @ArtistTimLong. @KenziUniverse, I will email you after meeting with Customer Support and submitting the cancellation request , which will be later today.

    [Update] @KenziUniverse Please check your email at your earliest convenience.

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