Mobile App Digital Membership Card

  • The 1.4.0 version update to our FunimationNow mobile app includes a digital membership card, which provides easy access to Premium subscriber benefits.

    The FunimationNow Digital Membership card displays your username, email address, subscription status, and any add-ons. The card can be used for things like checking in to FunimationNow Premium subscriber events or getting Premium discounts from the Funimation booth at conventions. Your Digital Membership Card is free and already set up, so all you have to do after updating is open the FunimationNow iOS or Android app, and log in.


    • If you have the iOS app, you can add your ID card to Apple Wallet, so that it can be viewed while offline or on a spotty connection when in the bowels of a convention center. Only your FunimationNow account email address, subscription status, and Power Up add-on will appear on the card when viewed in Apple Wallet. Adding to a digital wallet is not available on Android.

    • There is a barcode on the card that contains only your user ID number. No personally identifying information is stored in the barcode.

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