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  • I am curious to know if there is any chance that y'all are developing an application for Samsung SmartTV's?

    I'd really like to subscribe to your streaming service, but will only do so if I am able to access it from my SmartTV.

  • Yes, we are developing an app that will work on Samsung (Tizen), LG, and Visio smart TV's.

  • That's great to hear! Any idea of when we might expect that app to be released?

  • No ETA yet, but it's going through testing on our side now.

  • Excellent news! Hopefully we're not too far away from a release then! Looking forward to seeing it on my apps portal in the hopefully not too distant future.

  • Any more news on this topic? I am looking at getting a new Samsung Smart TV and I use this app often. An update would be great, Thanks!

  • The Smart TV app for Samsung (Tizen), LG, and Vizio is out now in the US. :D It will be launching in other territories later.

  • @Sophie How would I go about reporting an issue with the Smart TV App? On both my TV's videos seem to pause randomly for about a minute at a time. I know it's not something with my connection because I'm able to stream 4k HDR on Netflix and Amazon and I know that it's not because of the TV because both of them are from different years and both of them have the exact same problem.

    I tried messaging support with the issue, but there has been no response. If it helps, the TV Models are UN55HU8550 SEK-3500 and UN40MU7000FXZA.

  • I don't see the app anywhere in the store for my LG 4k t.v.. :/

  • I don't see the app on my Samsung Smart TV

  • @dragonitachi1 My Samsung does that too. Can't go 2 minutes without freezing. But then again it does the same thing on my PS4.

  • @dragonitachi1 - I will see what has happened with your support ticket when I meet with Support this week. In the meantime, could you please tell me one or two videos that you were watching when the buffering occurred? Then I can have our QA team test.

    @Skullface - Could you also please tell me one or two videos that you were watching when the buffering occurred?

    Since it's happening on different devices, it kind of sounds like a content issue and not a bug with the app, but we'll know for sure after testing.

  • @Sophie I can give you a good sized list

    Case Closed Dub episodes 8, 58, 84, and 104 to name a few
    Fairy Tail Dub episodes 104,105, and 107
    Akiba Strip Dub episode 4(out of curiosity I watched the whole episode and there was a total of 7 pauses)
    Dragon Ball Super Dub episodes 25 and 29
    Dragon Ball Super Sub episode 120
    The Slayers Dub Episode 3

    All of them paused at around 2 minutes in either during the openings or shortly after them.
    I also watched a few of these on my Roku 3 and Windows 10 app without a single issue. So in my case it's just the Samsung Smart TV app that has issues.

  • @Sophie My LG TV is Showing no Funimation Now App in their content store is there an app?

  • @Hooker21 Not yet. It's only out for Samsung currently. It will be released for LG, though.

    @dragonitachi1 Thank you very much! This list is amazing, and I have sent it to our QA team to test. I'm so sorry that I missed your post.

  • Is it only for certain Samsung TVs? I've got one from a few years ago and I don't see an app on there for Funimation. My software is up to date. And yes, I'm in the US.

  • We're having the same issue on our Samsung JU6500 UHD tv. The video will just freeze completely for anywhere from 15 to around 60 seconds!
    My wife and I have been trying to watch the Simuldub of Dragon Ball Super. Episode 47 was the last one we attempted. It's been completely unwatchable! Not only is the stream randomly locking up, the subtitles are either lagging waaaay behind or locking up on one sentence while the video continues.
    Like one of the other users were saying, we have fast internet and have no problem streaming 4k content via Netflix or Amazon. Something has to be up with the app... I understand it's still relatively new. Maybe some bugs still need to be worked out? We really want to get the subscription, but definitely not going to until I know we can reliably watch on our tv, because we don't stream much on our mobile devices or PCs.

  • After messing around with it a bit, I can clarify the problem with the subtitles. Its strange. The subtitles only show up when the UI is up on the screen. As soon as the UI hides itself, whatever subtitle text was on the screen before it disappeared remains stuck on the screen and it doesn't progress further... If I open the UI again, it'll jump ahead to whatever the most recent sentence was and just get stuck on it again as soon as the ui hides. So frustrating! Was dying to see more DBS after watching this past weekend's ep on Adult Swim. One ep per week suuuuuucks! Lol

  • Is there any reason why the app is only available on Samsung Tizen Smart TVs and not regular Samsung Smart TVs (the type I have)?

  • @JIMBOYKELLY Unfortunately, I don't know, but I can ask if one can be made. Which model Samsung Smart TV do you have?

    @Ryaayidracosin The app is only for Samsung Tizen Smart TVs.

    @SinisterDev85 We are currently investigating this issue. Does the freeze occur in exactly the same way after the first 2 minutes as was described earlier?

    I'll have our QA team investigate the subtitle issue. Could you please list out the steps to reproduce starting from when you launch the app?

  • My model code is UN48J520DAFXZA

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