Saku Saku: Love Blooms with the Cherry Blossoms.

  • Recently perusing STEAM and came across this,

    From Palette, developers of ‘Mashiro Iro Symphony’, comes the romantic school comedy, ‘Saku Saku: Love Blooms with the Cherry Blossoms’. Much like how ‘Mashiro Iro Symphony’ took place during the seasons of Fall and Winter, SakuSaku takes place during the Spring and Summer.”

    Looked interesting enough, and indicated compatibility with XP, so, i did decide to purchase this one. In general, i tend to gravitate more towards these school-life based VNs. The artwork will sweep you away as well:

    0_1508064033767_Sakura Copyright.JPG

    What i like about this is, it’s really well done and the price at $19.99 will not harness you like some titles in this category.

    The game launched smoothly and i was able to create a save file, very unlike my recent experience with Tokyo School Life. I used to play Tokyo School Life (TSL) on my Win 7 PC with no problems and decided to import it to the system i am currently using (XP Professional) as i could swear (at one point) on the STEAM page it indicated compatibility with XP. But, no luck. The game crashes pretty instantaneously with a lame message, “We apologize for the inconvenience, but Tokyo School Life needs to close..” Then it gives me the option to “Send Error Report” - - which i actually did. The next day, i go back to the STEAM page for TSL and it magically indicates compatibility for Vista. Odd… It doesn’t really make any sense, however. I recently imported Dal Segno (which is newer than TSL) and that works flawlessly, much in the same manner as Saku Saku. Could it be that when they made the adjustment with TSL to accommodate for an issue with Malus Code, perhaps that is where everything went downhill? I also tried the usual troubleshooting i.e., update DirectX, try different compatibility settings, different screen resolutions etc. - - all to no avail. Posted a note on someone else’s STEAM thread indicating that i was having the same crashing issue; i have not heard anything from the Publisher yet. Maybe i will try contacting them directly at: Perhaps they will look at it through the lens of, “Update your OS..” The thing is, if other games that are more extensive like Dal Segno are able to work with XP, seems to me, Dogenzaka Lab has no excuse. Also, i would imagine, that there are still a decent number of people utilizing XP so it would be in their interest to address this. What is also interesting is that, on their site for the game directly,, they just indicate, “OS Windows”.

    Sorry for the derailment, just wanted to talk about my recent experience. Overall, getting back to Saku Saku, looks like a nice game, if you can, check it out.


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