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  • Hello Funimation, I really enjoy on the cool content that your service offers. I main watch your dub shows streamed on the xbox one app and windows 10 app. Ok lets get to business here and why posted this In the Xbox one app I've seen a flaw in the app that could be so simple to fix, when you select a show. Then you go to the episode and read the description. You keep reading and there is more to read and you can't get to the extra parts of the description. My solution is to add a more info control for longer descriptions. The best suitable button I would think will work perfect, is non other than is the select button the one with the 3 horizontal lines on the Xbox One controller. Because there is no other function for it except in the video player of the app. I have been going crazy about this since the new funimation app came out for xbox one and say to myself is, just get it done with so that you don't have think about it any more. Thanks for reading my post and I hope this will help.

  • Thanks for the suggestion. I'll see what we can do. We'd also have to see how that could be implemented on the other apps.

  • @Sophie Thanks for replying Sophie. I thought no one would comment my post. Thanks again Sophie.

  • Here is an example what I am talking about.
    This will give everyone a more detail look.

  • @LamboRide Thanks!

    What should happen after pushing the Select button? Should more of the text appear or would some kind of dialog box work?

    I wonder if we can just make that space scrollable and remove the need for an extra click.

  • I thought of that idea to, of having a dialog box. Would be cool to have. The microsoft store for xbox uses these dialog boxes in there game description that pop where there at on screen with scrolling.

  • @LamboRide Thanks!

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