PS4 App Work or not?

  • I’m playing for something does not work!

    Please explain why the app constantly buffers and keeps disconnecting me from the network? Getting pretty annoyed with this service.

  • @Rengage I'm having the same problem, and I think I will cancel my subscription ... even the website is so glitchy ... all the apps are glitchy since forever but this last issue on the PS4 application is just prooves that their application is the worst app so far !

  • I have to close this thread as a duplicate.

    All apps were down at the same time on October 15. The issue was resolved early on October 16. This same issue occurred last week as well at around the same time.

    The discussion thread for this issue is here:

    Please only post suggestions for the streaming service. Please do not report bugs in the forum. Instead, please fill out the form here or contact us on Twitter @FunimationHelp if the site is down as well. This helps to get the issue resolved as quickly as possible.

    Thank you for your understanding!

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